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Revamp Your Sales Process Using Advanced CRM Deals Software

A common scenario in every company is that – sometimes they are doing very good and sometimes they are losing more deals than winning! Why is that?

You may think the problem lies in their employees and the easiest solution is to fire some of them and hire more talented ones. However, this might not solve the problem in long run. Without a doubt, the company will face similar situation within a few months.

There would be only one explanation for this – the problem lies in the process. And it’s true! Almost 100% of the companies got problems in their process or workflow somewhere. Guess what, only 4% of the customers complain about the issue and rest move on to another service!

If you have faced similar issues within your own company and noticing lost in more deals than you are winning, then this post is for you. You will find some tips and answers that may help you to revamp your process of dealing with customers properly.

Business & Customer Relationships

You won’t disagree with the fact – business is all about relationships. You cannot simply continue your business without a proper relationship with the stakeholders and customers are one of them. When you establish a good enough relationship with your contacts (customers), you are making sure that they will not churn.

Dealing with multiple people and tracking countless interactions is tough for any company. So, how do you take the challenge and establish a good relationship for dealing with them properly?

The answer can lie within technology. Yes, if you look around, you will find that more successful companies are turning to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

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CRM can turn out to be a valuable asset for your company if you can use it properly. The investment in CRM technology is increasing day by day. A projection shows that the investment would reach $36.5B in the end of 2017 from 2016’s $26.3B.

This indicates the importance of CRM software within your business. Not only that, a CRM will help your sales team to drive more conversions and easily close more deals with a powerful CRM software. Now, without further ado, let’s find out how you can improve your process using CRM Deals software.

How to Revamp the Process of Dealing with Customers

Minimize Your Data Entry Time

Data entry is a painful job and it takes a lot of your time. When it comes to salespeople, this becomes more time consuming as they don’t want to perform less productive work. CRM allows you to efficiently reduce the time that you spend on entering data. Most importantly, it is one of the most important features that you can get with a CRM.


When you need to manually report the capture of every possible lead using different interviews, phone calls, webinars etc., it becomes difficult for you to track each of them. However, CRM makes this effortless with its web forms and list importing capabilities. You can automatically record data and this gives your sales team more time for working directly with your customers. They become able to generate more leads and convert them into potential customers.

Prepare Your own Sales Funnel

Using a CRM Deals software, you can create your own customized sales funnel. This helps you to get the timing down. Time is very important and it can have a great impact on winning or losing a deal.


Besides that, you can strategize your approach if you know where your potential customer stands in your sales funnel. Thus, having stages can make a difference and gather more information. This way you can compare different options and keep the balance of your deal. As CRM deals help you to show where a customer is in your pipeline, you can give your sales team an idea of whats going on easily. Moreover, they will be able to understand the time of engagement and when they need to approach for a winning deal. Using a proper CRM solution, you can prepare custom stages in your pipeline or sales funnel including lead, proposal, demo, contact, opportunity etc.


Prepare Strategies according to Your Customers’ Needs

CRM Deals solutions contain built-in activity automation features that can become a great help for any salesperson. You can collect data on your potential customer and strategize your actions according to it. You can even schedule meetings, phone calls, SMS, emails, Lunch and any other custom activity.


There are options to set deadlines and time limit for the activities so that you can let your representative or sales team know about the time frame. This helps a lot in a collaborative team.

Differentiate Between Your Deals and Relationship

Most of the modern CRM deals software has features to take deals from one stage to another one using drag and drop. You can also mark deals as won or lose and add reasons why you lost the deal. This can be a good lesson for your team so that they can avoid such cases for the deals they are handling.


Using a powerful and advanced CRM software you can build and improve your relationship with the contacts. This way turning them into potential customers becomes easier than ever. You have all the information in hand and make good use of it. Besides that, you can differentiate them deals and move on to the next one without any regret.

Improve Your Strategy using Analytics & Searching

Another must-have feature for any CRM deals application is analytics. When you have data and insights on a certain issue, you can easily solve the problem. Thus, CRM software provides you smart insights along with storing customer data. When you have an advanced reporting for your sales team, they can effectively track everything related to your leads and customers. You can measure the performance of your sales and also improve your strategy anytime you want.


You can generate handy reports including month to month deals report, deal progress report, list of winning deals, list of lost deals, activity progress report, email reports etc. Besides that, advanced filtering and searching capabilities are also a must for any CRM solution. You can filter your contact based on certain criteria and built lists. These help you to strategize your next step and build a better relationship with your customers and also improve the overall sales process.

Wrapping Up

When you are using a CRM solution to close your deals you need to scale outreach and develop your sales properly. You must understand your customers properly. When your business grows, you need powerful tools for pacing things up. Besides that, you must know the status of your deals, give your sales team enough data, prepare analytical reports and make proper decisions and these are the keys to an effective deals process.

Unfortunately, not all CRM deals software have all the features that you will need to follow these tips and when it comes to WordPress, the options become more limited. WordPress is powering around 30% of world’s websites and your business might be one them. So, how do you revamp your customer dealing process?

WP ERP – A Powerful CRM Deals Software for WordPress

WP ERP is an advanced ERP suit developed for WordPress. It comes with three FREE modules – CRM, HRM, and Accounting. You can also get premium modules like CRM Deals. Using this extension, you can easily manage all your deals and perform all that you will ever need to make your deals process a winning one.

Here we are summarizing the overall approach that you can take for revamping your deal handing process. If you are willing to win more deals properly using a CRM Deals software, the following simple but effective tips can help you out –

  • You need to provide your team as much information as possible and be transparent so that they can help you in the process of managing deals.
  • Sketch your own pipeline according to a proper sequence for your deals and also activities.
  • Capture important data and use them to improve your relationship with potential customers.
  • Automate important process so that you can do the right thing at the right time.
  • Get important information when required using analytics and strategize your whole process.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and also if you have any tips in the comments. In the meantime, give WP ERP CRM demo a try.

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