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Frontend feature on WP ERP!

I can’t count how many times we have heard this question in the past few months-

“Do you have a frontend feature? I do not want my employees to access the backend.”

Well, let me explain.

Why don’t we have the frontend feature?

You may already know that we launched the beta version of the plugin in March 2016 and the stable version was released a month later in April 2016. Since then, the plugin is growing and has a lot more to become matured.

We are delicately working on the core modules every day and improving the user experience as much as we can. If you are an old friend of weDevs, you already know that our main specialty lies within the front-end based plugins. To give you the best experience, we have developed the interface of the plugins which are totally different and customizable.

We do the same for WP ERP too.

WP ERP is the biggest plugin we have ever worked on. Currently, a team of 22 developers, QA experts and support engineers are working for this very single product. Can you imagine how much effort we are giving to make it more complete and stable for you?

WP ERP is a complex and comparatively large plugin so building a frontend interface for it is not a small task. It will also require a good amount of time. Besides that, the design should be dynamic and independent because everyone one has a different theme. We have to make sure, you can use it with almost any theme you want!

Our developers are constantly improving the core plugin along with the add-ons. If they start working on the frontend, it will be difficult for use to maintain the rapid changes. The development process will not be in sync and many problems will arise from it.  Moreover, it will be a daunting task.

So what do we want now?

We want to finish the main features first. There are so many improvements and tweaking is pending on the core plugin. Also, the add-ons are crucial for our loyal old friends. So we will improve the core plugin and the existing add-ons this year. In parallel we will build some must have integrations, such as WP Project Manager, WooCommerce, PayPal and Stripe payment gateways etc.

So as far I have been informed from the developer and the administration team, we do not have any plan to work on the frontend feature this year.

We might start working on a frontend interface next year and you can expect a beta release on June 2017.

I still don’t want people to login to the admin panel of my system. What is your suggestion for that?

We understand your concern about privacy and security. Over the years we have learnt so many things about privacy and security use cases, issues, conflicts from our WP Project Manager plugin. If you are aware of WordPress user roles, then you may know that the subscriber has the least level of access to the WordPress dashboard. He can only edit his profile details. That’s all. He can read the posts from the frontend and can get updates on his email. But nothing on the backend.

This is why we have decided to extend the subscriber user role for WP ERP.

A user has access to the specific pages which he should have access to. We ourselves use WP ERP to manage our company of 54 people consisting of 7 different departments and 12 designations. And that too on publicly accessible server. So if there is a concern about privacy or security, we will be the first to know and fix.

I can assure you, we have designed the privacy and permission settings very well. In fact, it took us nearly more than a year to test the permission and privacy settings for all the modules, data input and review settings for the core plugin and the add-ons. So you should not be concerned about your employees breaching your systems security or privacy.

I know you are still not convinced and want a frontend interface; at least for employees in the HR module. We understand that very well and will try our best to start working on it as soon as we can.

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