Creating Vendor Credits

What is a Vendor Credit?

A vendor credit is something you enter when you have credit for something with a vendor. Maybe you're such a good customer with Apple because you buy 10,000 iPads a year, so Apple decided they're going to give you the value of your next 100 iPads in-store credit. You would enter this credit in by using that Vendor Credit feature, and then when you get a bill from Apple, you can use the Vendor Credit to pay it down.

Creating a Vendor Credit

There are two ways you can create a vendor credit.

  1. Go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Accounting → Vendors
    Hover on a vendor, click on Vendor credit.
  2. Go to WP Admin Dashboard → Accounting → Expenses
    Click on Vendor Credit button from the top.

In both cases, the same form will be loaded. Select the vendor from the drop-down list and fill out the form.

vendor credit 1

You can check on the vendor page or the expenses page to see if it was updated.

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