Communicate with your customer in a more personalized way
with ease and efficiency!

Create, Send New Email Campaigns

With email campaign you will be able to create campaigns with option to select Subject, sender of the email.

Collect The Replies To Your Own Inbox

When the subscribers hit "reply" who will receive their emails, Newsletter type, List in which the emails will be sent to.

Beautiful, Responsive, Emails Using Template

The email builder within email campaign is not any less powerful than all those big players in the market.

Built-in Theme Support For Email Template

Theme support for emails adds an extra layer of customization with the emails you send.

Complete Customization For Creating & Sending Emails

You will have full control over every single detail when sending your emails. Style, Content, Settings everything is available in the customization.

Schedule Your Emails Campaigns

Automate your email campaigns so you can concentrate on the other tasks at hand.

Generate Email Lists From Contacts

Being a WP ERP product, it has complete access to the contact list inside your contact lists. You don’t need to copy those contact lists again to your email campaign list.

Track Emails Events Using Analytics Tracking Codes

Just like all the email marketing solutions out there track everything including email open statistics, click rate, bounce rate, unique clicks and more.

Support For Embedding WP Posts, Video With Auto Thumbnail Preview

Email Campaign provides you with the ability to embed your WordPress posts with drop down menu. Simply select the page.

Monitor Everything Using Email Campaign

The simple, easy to understand dashboard helps you keep track of everything that you sent including the complete summary, email stats, click rate, open rate etc


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