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      You can move cash from Venmo to the money application by connecting the two stages with one another. Adding a financial balance with the two stages is simpler since you will get to the two records helpfully. That implies you can move cash from cash application to Venmo as well as the other way around. In this way, adhere to the directions to move cash from Venmo to cash application:

      1. Add the ledger to your Venmo application
      2. Check the ledger and your Venmo profile
      3. Move the sum from your Venmo record to the connected ledger. (open the Venmo app> go to settings> tap on Oversee Balance> tap on Add Bank or Card> click on Move to Bank)
      4. Enter the sum you need to move
      5. Audit each data you have placed and afterward click on Move
      6. They will finish the exchange inside three work days
      7. Presently you will have the moved equilibrium to the money application
      8. Open the money application
      9. Tap on the Equilibrium tab
      10. Select Add cash
      11. Enter the sum and ensure they connect the money application to the shared ledger
      12. Enter the sum and PIN
      13. Check and affirm your activities
      14. Click on Add and the exchange will work

      how do i transfer money from venmo to cash app without bank account?

      If you do not have a mutual bank account, you can still transfer money from Venmo to cash app. To do so, follow the instructions:

      1. Open the money application
      2. On My Money interface, look for a dollar sign with a Money button and snap on it
      3. In the Immediate Store segment click on the Get Record Number
      4. Click on the Empower account > Duplicate Record Subtleties > Duplicate Record Number> Duplicate Steering Number
      5. Add the Record and Directing numbers to your Venmo
      6. Open the Venmo app> Settings> Oversee Balance> Add bank or card> select bank> examine the information given on a money card with your telephone’s camera and add the Record and Steering numbers to your Venmo account.

      How to send money from Venmo App to Cash app without a card?

      You can move cash from Venmo to the money application through a ledger without a card. You need to connect a shared financial balance that must be connected to both Venmo and the Money applications.

      In the Venmo application, click on the “Move to Bank” choice. Here you need to enter the moving sum. Venmo offers both of you kinds of moving strategies. One is moment move, where you will be charged 1% on each exchange.

      In the event that you are not prepared to pay extra charges, pick the standard exchange strategy. Here you need to trust that 1-3 work days will move the cash from Venmo Equilibrium to a connected financial balance. In the wake of checking the financial balance and certifications, affirm the exchange by tapping the “Move button”.

      Presently, stand by 1-3 days to move the sum from Venmo Equilibrium to a ledger. Presently open the Cash App, select the common ledger and enter your desired sum to add from the financial balance to the Money application. You ought to be gotten some information about the record check here and give your ID number and PIN. You can get the sum from Venmo Equilibrium to the Money application account without utilizing the card.

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