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      I have this problem, I have a multisite, in one of the sub-sites I have integrated authentication with office 365, if the user exists, login, if it does not exist, the user account is still created with code in wordpress using the data provided by office 365.
      I am trying to have a contact created automatically every time a user is created in wordpress, but for some reason, it does not work, I have activated the Automatic Import option in Settings> CRM but it does not work, I have also tried to use WP Fusion using the option Create new contacts in WP ERP when users register in WordPress. but it does not work the users are not seen in Wp ERP. However, when I go to Tools->Status in the CRM section
      I can see the number of contacts that I have added, that is, it is as if they existed, but they are showing us in the CRM dashboard.
      Has anyone experienced this, or knows of a solution.
      Thanks in advance.

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      and detected the problem, this is that wp fusion is not placing the stage of life or the owner to the users that it sends to WP ERP and the latter does not show them in the list, but when I do a search if they are shown. any idea how to solve this ????

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello Yasnel,

      WP ERP doesn’t have an official integration with WP Fusion, so, not sure what’s happening with fusion. However, It should not require any 3-rd party plugin to import a WP user into the CRM Contact. Enabling auto-import should work.

      If auto-import is not working for you, kindly reach to our support center directly.


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