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      These days any cash app users are speaking about the Fake Cash App Balance screenshot Generator. They do not have an idea about its negative impact. It is a kind of fake receipt that users may take a screenshot of the bill of the transaction on the cash app. Thereafter, if any confusion still exists, cash app users may decide to discuss with cash app support executives.

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      Cash App payment pending screenshot scam is quite simple to understand but equally dangerous. In this type of scam, a fraudster aims to steal the confidential information of the victim. What happens exactly in this scam is first the scammer impersonates as a sugar daddy on a social media platform. And then express a wish to offer some free money through the Cash App. A lot of excited people who are obsessed with the desire to get paid for free, reply to the post. Eventually, many innocent people end up sharing their Cash App details. After that, scammers create and share the fake Cash App payment pending screenshot and urge to pay the clearance fee that might range up to $500 or higher to change the status from pending to confirm.

      There is one more way of carrying out Cash App payment pending screenshot scam. With the help of the fake screenshot generator, the victim is made to believe that his account is not verified due to which his payment is pending. And then under the pretext of the Cash App verification, fraudsters steal the money with card details.

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