Use weForms- the Fastest WordPress Form Plugin with WP ERP!

Use weForms- the Fastest WordPress Form Plugin with WP ERP!

weForms, the best and super fast contact form plugin for WordPress is now integrated with WP ERP! This super-fast plugin has proved its amazingness being downloaded more than 4000 times in just one month! Creating forms with weForms is extremely easy and now you can use this amazing form plugin with WP ERP – the number one CRM, HRM and Accounting plugin for WordPress.

What is weForms?

weForms is a modern form builder plugin that is amazingly fast and has advanced features. Moreover, each and everything works on a single page. It’s an all in one form builder for WordPress. No matter where you are working, whether it is a live site or anywhere else, it will always give you the feel like you are working locally!

Features of weForms

weForms has a free and also some paid versions. Using weForms FREE, you can effectively create and deploy any type of form on your WordPress site. Unlike other form plugins, there is no limitation such as managing responses, limited basic fields or fewer functionalities. This Free version even has Slack integration. Let’s find out what else the free version has to offer.

weForms free comes with the following features-

Unlimited forms

There are no limitations in creating forms in weForms. You can create as many forms as you want in the free version too!

Predefined and customizable templates

weForms has many predefined templates that can be deployed in just one click. You can also customize the templates according to your needs.

WeForm Templates

Drag & drop builder

Use the easiest drag and drop feature while building form in weForms! This feature will save your valuable time and make you more productive.

Real-time Live Preview

Let you see your form live in the same time you are customizing it!

Build a form using weForms

Some more exciting features are as follows-

  • Expiry time
  • Entry restrictions
  • One page submission via AJAX
  • Field customization options
  • Form redirection
  • Form submission notification
  • Manage form submissions
  • Export/import forms
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Email submission data
  • Customize mails
  • HTML email template
  • Anti-spam & reCaptcha
  • Slack Integrations

weForms (PRO) comes in 4 convenient pricing plans including Personal, Business, Professional and Developer. It contains more important and advanced features, such as:

Conditional logic

Make your forms smarter and adapt by predicting the user’s behavior. Upgrade to Basic pack to add conditional logic based form adaptations to each of your fields. Gather more specific information with your contact forms.

Add Logic to weForms

Multipart/Multistep form

Want to avoid too long forms? A multistep form will allow you to break your form into several segments. This feature is available for Basic users onwards.

Create Multipart/Multistep Form Using weForms

Some more exciting features are as follows-

  • Advanced fields
  • License Checker
  • Webhooks
  • Country List Field
  • File uploader
  • PDF form submissions
  • Geolocation tracking
  • SMS notification
  • Email Marketing Integrations
    • MailChimp
    • MailPoet
    • AWeber
    • Constant Contact
    • Campaign Monitor
    • Get Response
    • Convert Kit
  • Productivity Tool Integration
    • Google Analytics
    • Zapier
    • Trello
  • Payment Integration
    • Paypal
    • Stripe
  • CRM Integration
    • Salesforce
    • Zoho
    • Hubspot

Integration with WP ERP

Now, let us show you how weForms integrates with WP ERP. You can easily use the forms you have created with weForms to register subscribers to your CRM system. All you have to do is to configure and specify the Form Fields for your CRM Contact Option. When a user registers using your contact form, this integration helps to create CRM contacts using the provided information.

Enable WP ERP Integration

You need to enable integration with WP ERP in weForms form.

Navigate to: weFroms → All Forms → Edit form

Enable WP ERP Integration to weForms

Now navigate to “Integrations” tab and enable WP ERP integration.

Integration section of WPERP

Select “Contact Group”, “Life Stage” of the subscribed contacts and map the form input fields with ERP required fields. After mapping the fields hit “Save Form”.

How to enable integration section of WPERP

Now you need to copy the shortcode of the form you want to use.

weForm shortcode

Paste the shortcode into the page in which you want to show the form.

How to use weForms shortcode

Now if you visit the page you will get the form ready!

Preview of a form created using weForms

If a user fills up the form and submits it, you should get him listed in the contact list and contact group you chosen earlier.

Create ERP Subscription form using weForms

After successful submission, the user will be listed in contacts.

Preview contact list using weforms

Browse your desired “Contact Group” for newly subscribed contact and you’ll find that listed there.

Create contact group using weforms

As you can see, weForms has opened a new door for the small business owners to add more subscribers to their CRM list. Guess what, its even easier now. You can simply add a contact form and map the fields with WP ERP’s CRM contact group. Users who will register with that form will be added to your CRM directly! So what are you waiting for?

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