About WP ERP

What is WP ERP?

WP ERP is a revolutionary web-based ERP solution by weDevs, made to work within your WordPress-powered website. It can handle all business-related tasks like HR, CRM, Project Management, Accounting, and other departments which are needed to run and coordinate an entire business structure – small or large. The plugin has a family of components to extend functionality according to company needs, thus making it a complete enterprise resource planning solution.

Our Goals

WP ERP aims to deliver all your enterprise business requirements with simplicity, making your company efficient with real-time reports and ensuring the flow of data a breeze with centralized management. With our solution, we want you to be better managed, away from errors, and prepare your company for the next leap.

With little manpower and a tight budget, you need to wisely use your human resources and make time-sensitive efforts to get your business booming. Or, if you have a long body of work distributed to another huge body of employees, your attention needs detail to specifics and view progress overall.

For a company such, teamwork is the key and we put it as the top priority in our ERP philosophy. You need to become a zen master within a storm. WP-ERP calms the storm.

Most offices are now distributed across cities-countries with a flexible number of employees and contributors. Managing hundreds of users with different access roles and checking their progress, integrating is streamlined with this application. Save a huge load of reviewing and auditing, push people for supervision, and make things simpler by allowing workers to manage their work with clarity.

For a company, small or large who need a breakthrough, WP-ERP is the solution to collaborate, stay organized, and mitigate losses.

Our Specialities

  • ERP core plugin is free. You only pay for components, support, and updates.
  • Fast and Real-time. Even faster with a personal hosting server.
  • Ease of access. Accessible from any platform or device.
  • Ease of use. Intuitive and requires almost no training for the user.
  • Cloud-based. Never lose data and keep everyone synced.
  • Secure according to WordPress standards and your data stays with you.
  • Lightweight and divided into Components. So, companies can expand their ERP system in a step-by-step process.
  • Industry-specific customizations are readily available and even easier to modify.
  • No maintenance is required.
  • Open-source. Development and customization become easy.
  • Streamlined for Collaboration and Teamwork. Easily share, track time, and review projects with co-workers.
  • Privacy at every level of work.
  • Best accounting component on the market.

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