Frequently Asked Questions

WP ERP is completely free of cost, you can download and install the plugin right from your WordPress dashboard just like any other WordPress plugin.

Yes, you definitely can! The whole plugin is divided into three parts- HR, CRM, Accounting based on features and the source code is separate for each module. So you can turn on or off any module you like from the settings.

Absolutely! WP ERP and all its extension are open source and the source files are well documented. So you can customize any feature you want. Our support service is always there to help you with information to get you started.

Currently, we do not offer customization support. However, you can post your requirements on specialized and diverse marketplaces like upwork, freelancer, PeoplePerHour etc.

We are always here to help you with more information to get started.

You can use one ERP installation on 1 database. That means one WordPress installation can have only one ERP activation. You can definitely install and activate the plugin on a single subsite of a network installation. But WP ERP can not be used across multiple subsites of a network installation.

You can easily translate WP ERP (and its extensions) by following some simple steps. You’ll find the guidelines here.

Yes, we have some helpful videos on our youtube channel.

You can use HR module from the frontend now by using “HR Frontend” extension. The CRM & Accounting module does not have a frontend right now.

To get continuous support and updates of our products you just need to renew the license.

We would love to hear your suggestions! Feel free to submit your suggestions here.

You can also suggest new features through your My Account dashboard if you are already registered with WP ERP. Simply generate a new support ticket under the Plugins form. Choose the plugin you want to query about and under Query type select Feature Suggestion. Then type the kind of new feature you would like to see under Description.

For more on My Support, click here.

Our general live support hours are Saturday to Thursday, 07:00 to 15:00 (GMT + 6).

We strive to respond all queries within 12 hours. Our response time may be just 1 hour if you reach us in our working hours!

It may take longer to respond to more advanced or technical queries. We promise to serve and support you in the best way possible, which can sometimes take time, but you will be assured the best service.