WordPress Payroll Plugin

Manage Employee Salary With WordPress Payroll Plugin

Feel employee salary management is a demanding and strenuous task? Think of the times when you had to do all your employee-related calculations on paper or other manual ways, so you erred more and eventually got done with less. Wage management can also be tiresome because of its monotonous and complex nature. But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. With WP ERP’s Payroll extension, bid farewell to hours of laborious salary calculations and expenditures. Payroll makes employee salary management completely automated. With this HRM extension, Payroll, simply define the ways you want to calculate and disburse the salaries, …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Implement an ERP System on WordPress (Free)

An ERP system is an automated business management software, consisting of a suite of applications that use a database management system to collect, store, manage and interpret data in real time so as to make insightful reports. It acts as if it were everything for an enterprise (especially for small and medium enterprises) due to its versatility in managing resources. But how to apply an ERP tool for your enterprise? Not to worry, in this article, we will take you through the steps of implementing ERP ( one of the trending technologies in 2018) on WordPress. Why Implement ERP? On this tech-driven world, …

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WooCommerce CRM

Best WooCommerce CRM for Your WordPress eCommerce Store

24% of worlds top million online stores are using WooCommerce!

Interesting right? If you think clearly, you would understand that how amazingly this WordPress plugin is providing eCommerce functionalities to all these people. Among the world's best eCommerce solutions, it is still in the top position and serving swiftly all those entrepreneurs and store owners just like you.

However, there is no proper customer relationship (CRM) solution available in WordPress for WooCommerce stores. For any online store, customers are the soul of their business. Thus, treating them with proper care and reaching them regularly can effectively grow any online business. And CRM is the perfect tool for this.

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WP ERP Turns your WordPress site into a simple CRM for free

Turn Your WordPress Site into A Simple CRM for Free! (Without Any Coding)

In today’s world, businesses consider customer satisfaction as one of the most primary goals of marketing strategy. Proper customer satisfaction can only be achieved through a sound customer relationship. But, how will you be able to get the job done? Back in the days, we have seen customer managers maintained Rolodex to keep logs of important data of their customers. However, as technologies persistently kept flourishing, we have had numerous software solutions to improve customer relationship. So, isn’t it obvious that you would require a CRM application for your business? Well, it’s true that larger businesses have their own customized fully functional CRM systems. …

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WordPress HRM Solution

Top Reasons For Using A WordPress HRM Solution For Your Company

In the last decade or so, if a company was required to keep the records of their employees or staffs, the only possible solution was an on-site hosted HR system that was only accessible for a handful of HR Admins. Fortunately, in today’s time, there are HRM solutions available that have secured access to all employees via internet and cloud. This facility has significantly improved the HR management process for many companies. Though many companies still maintain the old-fashioned way of managing their HR system by documents or spreadsheets etc. Maybe because those companies are still not aware of the …

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Attendance extension

Improved WordPress Attendance Management System

As technology advances towards it’s more mature form, it is starting to consume every part of the industry. Workspaces are being no exception. A complete online attendance management system is now a very common scene in the work environment no matter how small of a niche they are. They are easy, cheap and most important of all extremely effective in managing your employees. Attendance extension inside a WordPress website takes that a step further. And what better way to implement one than using it alongside with a robust ERP plugin. Attendance Extension For WP ERP WP ERP is a free plugin …

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Awesome Support CRM

WP ERP Bringing Another Needed Integration: The Awesome Support CRM

Awesome Support is one of the most popular WordPress help provider and support service plugins. The solution describes itself as a WordPress Help Desk and lives up to it with powerful capabilities. Awesome Support provides everything customer support-related: tickets generation, customizable email notifications, automatic agent assignment with multiple agents, file attachments, and plenty of add-ons. Awesome Support CRM Integration for WP ERP will give you that extra for complete management of your clients.

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HR challenges

HR Challenges For Startups & How To Solve Them

The best companies are the ones that understand that people asset is the most important thing you have got to focus on

These are the words of Robert E. Siegal, a venture capitalist and organizational behavior expert who also teaches at Stanford. This could not get any truer. Just look around closely and you will find that most of the reputed companies across industries put people first. Because it is a well-recognized fact that if your employees are your strongest supporters, then nothing can stop you from achieving the goals.

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Help Scout CRM

Upcoming WP ERP Extension: Help Scout CRM Integration

Help Scout is a well-known SaaS-based help desk and customer support solution that also comes as a WordPress plugin. Help Scout’s support software operates like a shared email inbox through which teams provide customer support. It also has plenty of integrations with live chat, phone systems, CRMs, and email marketing tools. WP ERP has developed a two-way Help Scout CRM integration so you can provide that ‘extra’ to your clients. With Help Scout Sync for WP ERP, small businesses can better manage their clients. This integration will give you a complete CRM which so you can view your tickets and see user profiles from …

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Small Business Technology

Technological Trends Ready To Drive Small Business Growth in 2018

In the old days (1960-1990), some people, (especially Gen X and Baby Boomers together with Millennials) did watch sci-fi movies or read sci-fi books only for having amusement. In fact, most of them literally believed that those technologies would remain enclosed only in those movies or books as figments and never come true in real life. Interestingly, with the passage of time, the evolution of science and technology has reshaped their way of thinking because it has materialized most of those sci-fi techs in real life these days.   Moving forward, it shouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that today’s …

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WordPress CRM System

Ways WordPress CRM System Help You Become A Prolific Salesperson

Employing a WordPress CRM system in the right way needs proper knowledge about it. Nowadays, a customer is an imperative character in any business. In fact, no matter whatever the type of business or service you possess, your customer is the most valuable asset that your company can ever ask for. Purpose and direction are what gets a company going and the customers provide that. And not to forget the revenue it helps a company to bring in. So when almost everything is about customer these days then customer satisfaction should always be a major focus of your company. So …

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