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Accounting For

The intuitive & interactive system makes it possible
for beginners to understand & work smoothly with
trial balance, ledger report, balance sheets, income
statement & more even without understanding
debits & credits.

Get My Accounting Plan Custom Builder Compare WP ERP Accounting Advantage

Get the WordPress Accounting


Open source &


to do calculations


Graphical interfaces
for decision-making


Easy payments for you
& your customers


Free CRM &
HR modules

Overview of Accounting

With the graphical dashboard, quickly view all important information like income & expense, accounts receivables, accounts payables, cash and bank balance.

View at a glance your revenue vs expenses in this bar chart. Take swift decisions for vital operations.

See receivable, expenses, and cash you hold with a bird's-eye overview.


View & manage all your customers and vendors easily and enter as much details as you want!


View & manage your purchases, overdues, outstanding, received amounts, and more, and that too with diagrams!


Sync your WooCommerce orders with Accounting module and manage your income, revenues & more.


Pay by Paypal or Stripe at your convenience. It's easy breezy & completely secure to make payments online with this extension.


View Assets, Liability, Equity, Income, Expense, Bank balance & take actions.


View your employees' salaries, pay runs, pay calendar in a visually intuitive interface.


Manage all reimbursements you owe your employees. View the paid, overdue, partial and draft ones here.


Add as many bank accounts as you like and transfer cash within accounts.


Add product and product-related information here.


Manage taxes and everything related to taxes from this built-in feature.


Show predefined reports that you can filter out and view as you like!


Create different types of workflow - emails, action hooks, tasks, meetings, update fields, and more. And automate the process.


The pie charts show you sales vs purchase

Manage products, categories, sale price, cost price, and a lot more.


How to use WP ERP Accounting


Download plugin from


Setup in few moments
with the built-in guide

Happy client

Start making
happy clients!

Sales Transactions

Flexible enough to accommodate & calculate any sales data. Get the actual scenario of
total outstanding & received amounts, over-dues, partial & more with diagrams.

Invoice Invoice

Invoice & Receive Payments

Create invoices that dynamically adjust with customers' accounts in
WP ERP Accounting. It only takes a few seconds to receive or make
a payment. Just select the customer and the account where you
want it. You can take payments both in to your petty cash or savings

Payment gateway Extension

With Stripe or Paypal, take payments directly from your invoices. Your users can now pay you using the most popular payment options!

Start with Pro Custom Builder Custom Builder Custom BuilderDocumentation

Create Estimations

Unlike creating invoices directly, creating estimate is an
advanced feature that lets you create draft invoices for future

PDF Invoice

Download unlimited invoices in PDF files. It’s convenient for storing in your PC and also for sharing with others. This is a free add-on for Accounting module!

Get for free Custom Builder

Sales Tax

No more hassle of calculating tax for every transaction! With the WP ERP
Accounting module, your tax rates will be automatically calculated.

Tax Rates

Tax Rates

With WordPress Accounting system,
add new tax rates for different regions
as many as you want.

Tax Rates
Tax Rates

Tax Zone Name

Have different branches of your company in different states? You can create as many tax zones and tax rates for the states as you want.

Tax Rates
Tax Rates

Tax Category

Every country has a different category of taxes. With WP ERP Accounting, you have the option to create categories for your taxes.

Tax Rates
Tax Rates

Tax Payments & Agency

Pay different rates of taxes for different type of products. With the tax agency option, youcan create multiple tax agencies at your disposal.

Tax Rates Tax Rates

Track Expense Transactions

You can easily handle any expense transaction like purchasing goods in cash, on credit or in
installments. Our clever team of developers made it very simple!

Tax Rates

Expense & Bill

You can pay directly to your vendors by check, by
cash, by bank.

Tax Rates
Tax Rates
Tax Rates
Tax Rates

Create & Pay Bill

If you are to pay on credit to any of your creditors,
you can use this feature to make payable bills
easily to pay them later.

Convenience with Reimbursement

Your employee can request for reimbursement if he/she spends from his pocket for official purpose. Accounting manager approves the request and pays to the employee selecting the account he wants to give the money.

Start with Pro Custom Builder Custom Builder Custom BuilderDocumentation

Purchase Transactions

Purchasing in cash, credit or installments? No problem! Get the actual scenario of total outstanding & paid amounts, over-dues, partial & more with diagrams.

Tax Rates

Create Purchase Order

Do you want to purchase inventories in future, but not sure to buy? Then this feature is ready to take you to the rescue by allowing you to create draft purchase orders.

Tax Rates

Purchase & Pay Purchases

With this feature you will be able to create purchase vouchers for your vendors anytime. You can also make payments either from bank or cash account or pay partially. The amounts will be auto adjusted.

New purchase

Inventory to store up products

Manage your store inventories & create reports like Product Purchase, Product
Sales and Inventory Report automatically.

Start with Pro Custom Builder Custom Builder Custom BuilderDocumentation

Journals for Double-Entry System

The journal entry form is also logic-based so that you do not make any submissions mistakenly. It's perfect for the beginner too!


Create or sync different types of users so it’s easy to carry out transactions.


Create customers & vendors

You can create new customers & vendors using advanced fields
like email, name, company, website, address, notes, mobile.

Workflow Extension

Trigger automatic emails to customers when a sale is made. Also send invoice to customers when they purchase.

Start with Pro Custom Builder Custom Builder Custom BuilderDocumentation

Exclusive Add-ons

Add Payroll Entries Faster

Manage payrolls & taxes for your employees. Automate payments. Be free from
journaling over and over again.

Start with ProCustom Builder Custom Builder Custom BuilderDocumentation

Easier Sales with WooCommerce

Link WC store orders into the sales invoice of WP ERP accounting. You can also
sync new customers & vendors automatically that generate from the store.

Start with ProCustom Builder Custom Builder Custom BuilderDocumentation

Preloaded Accounts for Speed

Key journal entries into the system in a flash. View entries & actions taken in a single page. It’s also possible to create as many custom accounts as you need!

Chart of Accounts

Internal Cash Transfer

Keep your cash & bank account synchronized yet with more control. You can receive, spend and even transfer money between accounts.

Bank Accounts

Your company banking management is now at your control. Manage funds with a greater perspective. You can check balances with graphs, make or receive payments & even ask your accounts manager to transfer money to other accounts.


The best part is that you will be getting automated reports like ledger, trial balance,
income statement, sales tax, balance sheet just after keying a transaction into the system.

Tax Rates

Ledger Reports

Ledger reports will help you know the latest balance of a particular account. However, you can use the date filter to know the balance as per your desired time period.

Tax Rates
Tax Rates

Trial Balance

This report is more than efficient to check the mathematical accuracy of your accounting system. If the total amount of the debit and the total amount of the credit side are equal then you are good to go!

Tax Rates
Tax Rates

Income Statement

Are you overwhelmed with increasing expenditures? Just take a look at this report to see on which account you are spending most. Besides, you will be able to know your sales revenue, net shareable profit or loss at once from this report.

Tax Rates
Tax Rates

Sales Tax

Calculate and save your sales tax for your government agencies. The accounting system calculates and makes the sales tax report all by itself.

Tax Rates
Tax Rates

Balance Sheet

Want to analyze your financial condition? Then the balance sheet is there to cover you with its assets, liabilities, equities and so on.

Tax Rates
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