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The Fastest Ways to Email List Building for Email Marketing From Scratch (Pro Tips)

The Fastest Ways to Email List Building for Email Marketing From Scratch (Pro Tips)

Email list building without a plan is like sailing a boat without the idea of where you are going. The chances of losing your way with such a strategy are 100%. So would you want to take the risk of getting lost in the sea of email list-building and digital marketing without following the right steps? Guess not!!

Email Marketing is still the best way of marketing to get ROI

Aladdin Happy, writer of Growth Hacking Plans

Can you pursue your email marketing goal without building your email list? Not really; So first thing you need to remember is that no matter whatever marketing strategy you may follow you got to build your email list quickly to kick start your email marketing plan.

In today’s business world, the strategy of building an email list requires no further introduction. Most company’s are following several different paths of building their list of emails. But do they all get success in building the email list effectively? Of course not. But is it important to build your email list? Absolutely!!

So this post will enlighten you with some of the professional tips of building your email list quicker. So are you ready for it? Then let’s dive into it without wasting any more time.

So, Why Emails?

The below graph further supports the facts that email marketing tactics are indeed the top way of having the best ROI for your business

The above report proves that among all marketing channels available when it comes to monetization, email is certainly the leader in it.

Another more recent survey conducted on over 1000 web-based businesses suggested that email marketing brings in the highest ROI among all marketing channels.

So why exactly are you going to go after emails? Here are the top reasons:

  • Emails are monopoly free
  • Based on a study performed by Ipsos, almost 85% of people that use the web will use email compare to 62% that use social networking sites. Hence emails are said to be more popular than most social networking sites.
  • The ownership of your emails list belongs to you only
  • You get to have the most interactive & personalized one on one connection with the clients and users.
  • Last but not least, sending emails are totally free.

Ways You Can Build Your Email List Faster

Build Email list WP ERP

First thing first, get a SEO friendly website launched

You are looking to collect emails, so the first thing you will be needing a place where all the potential clients or visitors will gather in. So for that, you will be needing an easily reachable & accessible SEO friendly website.

Once you have your website ready, now attach an opt-in form to each landing page on your new website. This would help you collect emails from anyone visiting the site.

Understand the mindset of your audiences

Before trying to collect the emails, you need to understand the kind of people you are dealing with. Or the audiences that you are thinking of targeting. For this, you can create a complete marketing persona that more or less represents your ideal customer.

In order to create a complete persona of your ideal customer, you need to find out where your potential customer hangs out socially. Now one of the best place to find your audiences is social media. Try to collect as much information as you can from your target audiences roaming around in the social media. So once you get to discover where your potential clients hang out socially, it will be easier for you to retarget them later for their email ID’s.

Get the right email marketing tool

It is obvious that sooner or later your email list will start to grow fast in a couple of months. And you will be needing to send marketing emails to those lists soon enough. For this, you will require a perfect email marketing tool that you can use to streamline the process of your email marketing. Inexpensive yet effective tools like MailChimp, MailPoet, etc. can be a good option to chose for such marketing actions.

The sole purpose of such email marketing tools is to help organize your email list and send them at a scheduled time. As your email marketing scope grows, you will be using these tools more often for several email marketing stunts like designing campaigns, sequencing, etc. But for those starting from the scratch will get to collect, organize and keep the emails prepared for future marketing campaigns in a safe & secure way.

Attach slide-in to each webpage

List building for email

Installing a less gimmicky yet attractive slide in or popups inside each page of your website is a good way to build an email list from the visitors visiting your site. These slide-ins or popups are not necessarily ads or onsite retargeting, rather it is a slide in that popups a relevant content on that page once the visitor spends a certain amount of time in the website.

A more proper example of it is, the exit popups when a visitor tries to leave the page or scroll up slide-ins that appears right after a user scrolls down a certain amount of pages down the webpage. You can add meaningful content in those slide-ins or popups to grab the attention of your visitors. You can simply add a few offers in the popups and once they click on it tactfully ask for their emails promising to send them more such offers & giveaways in emails in the future.

Use timely pop-up survey poll

Not just offering giveaways on popups, but also survey polls is often used as a trick to collect emails. As most people doesn’t really want to visit a new website unless they feel invested in the content in the website. So, therefore before requesting for their email, you need to make the visitors feel special and entrusted with the web content, you present to them.

So in order to build your email list, it is a good idea to reach out to the visitors with certain surveys on specific pages on the website. Surveys mostly relevant to the content on that page and then ask for their email to send them new offerings and best deals related to that. This will make their time feel invested in the website and look like a fair trade-off in exchange for their emails.

Outline the value in your CTA

As we know there are a number of different ways you can format the CTA in popups or any offers embedded in blog posts. But what about the wordings or sentences you use in those CTA’s? Are those enough to get enough clicks or to convince the users to share their emails?

Now to acquire emails from your visitors with those CTA’s, it’s better not to use words like just ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Sign Up’. Rather use words to outline the value that you can offer through those CTA’s. Try to use words like ‘Free Download’, ‘Free Access’, ‘Exclusively for you’, ‘Featured items’. Moreover, you can also use phrases like “Get Free Access To All Our Exclusive Offers” then attach a subscription form to it at the end. In such CTA’s, it presents the value that the visitors are going to get up front providing their email address.

Attach Email Newsletter Pitch to Social Accounts & Email Signatory

You might already have a long list of emails, but still, you can keep on growing your email list using your social network and personal email in the right way. If you already have a handsome number of friends or followers in your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account then you can easily pitch an email newsletter to them. Those people in your friend & follower list already like you and probably have never got any newsletter from you. So give it a shot. It might just help you grow your already big email list even bigger.

But if you don’t have a long friend or follower list and you feel shy to send them email newsletter thinking that it would sound needy then you can always utilize your personal email to good use. Change your email signature attaching a link to your newsletter containing CTA’s, landing pages or email subscriber form. There is every chance that people that know you well would click on the link and your email list would grow even further without needing to take the stress of sending the email newsletters. In this way, you won’t feel obligated to send subscription emails to your friends or followers.

You interact with a wide range of various people every day using email. Now when you provide them value through your personal email then there is every possibility they will click on the link and would want to learn more about your business in more details.

Bonus Tips: What should be done after you have your email list prepared

Email list building

Now that you know the ways to build your email list quicker but do you feel your job is all done? To be honest you are only halfway through of getting expected success with your emails. And, in order to get the desired result after having your collected emails list in hand, you got to follow a magic sequence as mentioned below.

This flow of email sequence tips would enable you to get a fruitful result in terms of gathering subscribers as well as promoting your products or services right from scratch. So how is it done? Let’s have a look.

  • The right approach in the first email that you decide to send to your email lists should be by asking them about the most severe problem that they want it to be solved. And then in the same email present them with a bunch of problems that your products can solve. Try to choose a common and popular problem.
  • While in the second email, tell them about the most popular mistake that people make while trying to solve that problem. Then provide a manual solution to it.
  • In the third email, inform them that they can actually create a tool that will be able to perform those solutions efficiently. Try to explain to them how great of a tool it can be. Also, mention a possible price if you can.
  • But make sure to do this only if you get 10+ pre-sales. Depending on the number of your subscribers you can set any minimum amount. The price of it can be X amount minus 50%. But in case a less number of people wants to pay that price for the tool, then refund that pre-sales and stop creating that tool.
  • If you see, you have enough pre-sales, then you can proudly say your product or brand has reached a market fit even before it got launched.

Fun facts: A Case Study Revolving Email Marketing

Email Marketing Fun Facts

Once, a person named Josh Earl was able to compare his mailing list against his Twitter during his sale. At the time, he had around 4800 subscribers to his email list in comparison to his Twitter followers of 9300. He then started sending several lucrative discount offers to both his email list and Twitter audiences.

(Source: Growth Hacking Plans by Aladdin Happy)

Now guess which campaign outperformed the other. It was the email list subscribers that resulted in a whopping 1100% more sales compared to the Twitter audiences.

Would you still opt out to spend your valuable time and money into the growing stock prices of Facebook or Twitter only to let them charge you helping you interacts with your own users? Or you would want to invest your time on building an email list and email marketing? The answer is quite obvious isn’t it?

But opting for building an email list and investing time on email marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cut off your social networking profiles or promotions at once. It only means you are required to utilize them to help convert users into emails in order to grow your email list.

To be honest, if you ask any expert, even they would agree that this is indeed the best possible way to stay in touch with your future prospects on a regular basis. That too without the burden of spending any extra money while trying to acquire new users every time.

Have You Started Building Your Email List Yet?

Build email list

Now we all know there are hundreds of ways you can try and build your email list from scratch. But the ways that are featured here are probably the best ones that we felt would help make your email list building process quicker than ever.

One might ask now whether these steps are enough to build a full proof and solid email list. The answer is sweet and simple, YES. But there are other advanced procedures that you can try out like Popups, Offering giveaways, Webinars, etc. The more strategies you apply, the faster & larger the email list grows.

And once you get hold of this system of email list building, you can easily master yourself and test new tactics of it that will help you grow your list in no time.

But to be honest, it is not always about just growing your email list for email marketing. Sometimes it is the relationship that you build with your subscribers that can take you and the marketing process a long way. Money that you are investing isn’t the only thing you earn from the email list, but it is the connection you build with your subscribers and the potential customers that can create a difference in the long run in your business.

Lastly, to achieve the maximum result from your marketing campaign you need to use the right business management tool. In this case, WP ERP can be a good solution that you can trust.

So what are you waiting for? Apply these tips & tricks and build your email list faster to take the first step to plan your next email marketing campaign today !!

What tactics are you following to build your email list? Do share it with us.

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  4. FINALLY, oh my goodness, someone who understands! And, like you, I’m bashing my head against the wall a hundred times since I didn’t build my list like I used to when I was a consultant and leadership coach doing information marketing. So now I’m attempting to catch up like a rabid banshee! It gives me some comfort to know that you did the same. I understand how ill you feel, but it’s never too late, right? That’s what I keep telling myself.

  5. Hey there, great article on email list building! I loved how you broke down the process into actionable steps, especially for those of us just starting out. Your tips on creating valuable content to attract subscribers really resonated with me. It’s so true that providing value is key to building a loyal audience. I’ve already started implementing some of your strategies, and I’m already seeing an increase in my email list growth. Thanks for the helpful insights!


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