How to Become a Successful Project Manager

How to become a successful project manager? Or what are the parameters to recognize someone as a successful project manager?

This type of question or query is floating all around the web. Today, it’s really tough to draw the picture in a single phrase. Ther are hundreds and thousands of projects, types of tasks and responsibilities are countless so that you can understand the actual situation.

We can discuss some big facts or major qualities that you should have as a manager in this information age.

Your Price of Success is Hardwork.

Who doesn’t want to prosper in the career? But your dream wouldn’t come true overnight. To become successful in managerial life, you need to have some skill set, habit, and a certain mindset. One inevitable fact is hard work.

In this post, we are going to discuss what you should consider to become a smart-successful project manager, Also, how to prepare yourself in a proper way.

Manager, Management & Your Business Growth

A skilled project manager is a must to run any business and continue the upward slope of your growth.

how to become a successful project manager

A project manager is a person who resolves the communication problem with the clients also manages and organizes the necessary things related to projects and clients to get the projects done.

And for a small business, every single project means a lot to lose. As project managers are acknowledged about the bigger picture of a project, they know how to run and make it happen.

Must-Have Technical Skills of a Project Manager

Since you’re going to take a bunch of responsibilities, you need to have some skill set to complete your responsibilities successfully. Here are some basic technical skills A.K.A hard skills for every project manager in 2019.

how to become a successful project manager with ease
  • Know how to use project management software
  • Reporting skill to measure workflow
  • Knowing Project Management Frameworks
  • Good in Resource Management which includes Resource Planning
  • Cost-Effective Procurements Planning
  • Expert in Project Recovery

To learn these, accredited project manager certification courses matter. But most of the time we struggle to achieve all these expertises because we don’t know when to start and where to learn.

You can start from Free or Paid Article and Podcast and then for advanced level try out Professional Courses. Also, Online courses do well.

Personality Traits and Mindset of a Successful Project Manager

Everything that is challenging to achieve starts with a mindset. It’s more important in such a role where the person has to maintain a handful of responsibilities, take decisions and manage multiple projects.

how to become a successful project manager

So if project managers don’t have the perfect mix of all habitual spices in them then it’s harder to play the role perfectly. Here are some psychological and personal practices that will help you to become a project manager after years of practices.

  • Be a good lister because this will introduce you to new ideas
  • Intention of constant and positive learning
  • Be prescience to gauging the outcome of a project in the long run
  • Hardworking and being honest to it
  • Accept changes and hold the ground in adversity
  • Both internal and external communication expertise
  • Prioritizing ability of tasks and projects in an organized way with a linear mindset
  • Understanding the client’s mind and their perspective

Roles and Responsibilities for a Project Manager

  • Ensuring all projects are delivered on time and keep track of the progress of every project
  • Task Distribution and Resource Allocation
  • Continuous Communication and Manage Relationship with Clients
  • Ensuring Project Quality Based on Clients’ Requirement
  • Measuring Final Project Performance
  • Preparing Report for Every Project
  • Perform Risk Management for Every Project
  • Preparing Project Budge
  • Projects Mapping
  • Preparing Long Term Project Plan and Split into Short Time Goals

Useful Tools for Project Manager in 2019

how to become a successful project manager with Trello


Trello is a great collaboration tool to keep track of upcoming and ongoing projects. Around 25 million people use this tool for their work. With features like Due Dates, Checklist, Label, Team Discussion, Multiple Lists, and Cards you can organize your daily Worklife easily.


Slack is a cloud-based internal team communicating and collaboration project manager software mostly used in business. This simplified and solves obstacle in instant team communication. We all know about Skype for Business, and slack is a Strong competitor with more effective features.


Many of us forget our daily tasks or “To-dos” most of the time. This is where the Todoist tool will assist you in keeping all the task in one place and tell what’s next in the queue. Now you won’t miss anything you had to do rather done.


Every day we come to know a lot of information and thoughts that we might need later. But in times of need, we forget. Here Evernote helps us to keep track of thoughts and information by recording.

WP Project Manager

This is another effective tool for project managers that will ease their daily work. WP Project Manager is a cost-effective project management and collaboration project management software where tracking every project is easy.

how to become a successful project manager with WP project manager

Managers can create multiple goals, projects, and milestones. They can see who is working on what, which tasks are ongoing and which have been completed. It also can assign multiple employees to an individual task and goal and see the work progress in the Gantt chart.

It’s all in one suit for project managers because there are useful features like Team discussion, Time Tracking, Recurring Task Management, Project Calendar, Kanban Board and many more.

Microsoft Visio

It’s a great diagram tool for presenting difficult information in a visual way such as diagrams, shapes, and flowcharts. A project manager can easily design workflow with this.

It’s for Windows OS but if you use mac then you can use VSDS Annotator to edit Vision files.

The Last Thought

Up to now, you’re probably breathing heavily and thinking it’s a lot to do for you. But well, going backward of the writing, it says the success takes hard work and everything takes a positive mindset. You have the hidden guts to make your dream true as you are almost reading the last line.

Still have any confusion on how to become a project manager?
Or have you found anything else exploring the project management profession? If so, then why not share your thoughts commenting and help others.

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