Top WP ERP HR Extensions at a Glance

Top WP ERP HR Extensions at a Glance

For any small or mid-sized business owner, it is quite challenging to manage his or her employees while getting overwhelmed with executing his/her financial and customer relationship activities.

However, managing resources and accounts may seem a little bit easier in the early days. But with time as the business activities scale up, the owner finds it really difficult to cope up with.

This is exactly where the WP ERP HR shines in! Today, we will be walking you through the top HR extensions of the WP ERP HR module. Now, let’s dive in!

Introducing WP ERP & Its HR Management Module

WP ERP HR is the first HR management module for WordPress. It is not only unique but also a perfect fit for small and mid-sized businesses. With WP ERP HR, you can manage all your human resources like a pro.

It’s completely free but it comes with a fleet of premium extensions so that you can scale up as per your business needs.

WP ERP as a comprehensive business management plugin comes with three essential yet separate module for HR, CR and Accounting management and has an accumulated user base of more than 12,000 in 160 countries. It also acquired two prestigious awards from FinancesOnline. They are:

top WP ERP HR extensions

These two prestigious awards depict the quality and global acceptance of the solution. And today not CRM or Accounting, we will have a look at all the popular HR extensions of WP ERP.

Popular WP ERP HR Extensions Based on User’s Interest

Though the free version will be good enough for you initially, the premium extensions will be great warriors to save your days.

Here Are a Few Popular Extensions of WP ERP HR That You Might Be Interested in

Based on the customer activation data, we have come up with the following Top WP ERP HR extensions for you:

Advanced Leave Management System

WP ERP Employee Leave Management System

The advanced leave management system will help you manage your employee leaves like a pro. For instance, once you set up this extension, your employees will have to apply for taking leaves. All you will have to do is to accept their leave requests. That’s it!

However, you will have to create a leave policy before you let your employees take any leave.

Not to mention, the extension will make leave reports on its own. Another good thing is you can allocate leaves as per designation, department, employee gender, and so on.

Training Extension

How to Use WP ERP HR Management System

You will have to hire employees from time to time to tackle the growing needs of human resources. But as you hire new employees, you may have to train them so that they become more efficient and more productive.

You may also have to take a lot of sessions to introduce your newly hired employees to the existing company cultures.

Unfortunately, all of these take a huge toll, isn’t it?

However, with the WP ERP HR’s Training Extension, you can train your newly recruited employees and introduce them to your company cultures as well.

Payroll Management

WordPress Payroll Plugin

If you have employees to manage then you will need to manage their salary too. So with this handy extension of WP ERP HR, the users get to manage complete employee salary right from their WordPress dashboard.

Its main features and attributes include allowing users to view complete payroll history in a single place. Moreover it provides you with a dynamic pay calender with options to set weekly/monthly employee-wise salary payment. This can be done based on designations and departments and can be edited or updated anytime you want.

The WP ERP Payroll extensions also comes with a Pay Runs feature for salary payment. It automatically help run pay calendar on a certain date of the month with the option to add or deduct allowances for specific pay run. Generate salary reports, invoices and print them for further use. Truly a complete payroll management solution for every company.

WP ERP HR Frontend

WP ERP HR Fontend

Logging in to the backend of WordPress and seeing the same interface may seem a little boring. To address this issue and to make the interface friendlier for the admin, WP ERP HR has another amazing extension called WP ERP HR Frontend.

With this extension, you can manage all the HR-related activities right from the frontend with a different user interface.


WP ERP HR Recruitment

Hiring is a must for any organization. But the job market is inundated with tens of thousands of candidates ranging from novice to intermediate to professional ones. To get the fittest candidate for your organization within the fastest time possible, you can not rely on the traditional pen and paper method.

That’s how the new Recruitment extension will help you to automate the entire hiring process with its sophisticated hiring stages. The best part is that you can edit the entire hiring stage with drag and drop widgets.

You can also create questionnaires for screening tests, assign interviewers, and even allocate room for the candidates. It’s that easy with WP ERP HR recruitment.


WP ERP Reimbursement

While managing your office, it’s likely that you will not be always available in your office. In that case, you can empower your employees by this extension.

With the Reimbursement extension, your employees can spend on behalf of you and insert the expenditure into the WP ERP Accounting system without any hassle.

This is really helpful to keep the uninterrupted operational activities for your office.

Asset Manager

WP ERP Asset management software

You may have to allocate a variety of assets to your employees ranging from laptops to smartphones to cars to motorcycles. Now, you must keep a record of it.

With the WP ERP Asset Manager extension, you can keep a record of these assets inserting their Brand name, Model number, and the employee you allotted the asset to.

SMS Notifications

WP ERP SMS Notifications Extension

It’s not likely that there will always be internet available to everyone. To this end, you can prefer sending messages to your employees’ cellphone to sending emails.

The SMS Notification extension supports 7 of the most famous SMS gateways such as Twilio, Clickatell, Nexmo, etc.

However, we recommend you sending mobile phone SMS alongside sending emails.

Explore And Make The Best Use Of WP ERP HR Extensions

These are the most popular WP ERP HR extensions. However, there are other popular extensions that you might be interested in. They are Attendance, Workflow, Custom Field Builder, Document Manager.

If you are already using one of these extensions, then feel free to let us know your experience with them in the comments below.

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