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Take a look at some of the key features that you get with this

All Your Company Assets Organized In One Place

Get a general overview of all the assets that your company gives to its employees at any given time. Access your WordPress website and see all the details from anywhere, any time

Instant Filtering Options

WIth the built in filtering options you will be able to get the type of asset that you are looking for from the vast category of products that you set before

Set Any Type Of Products As Assets

Create your company assets virtually, assign them to employees and keep track of all your company assets in one place.

Add Multiple Items With Different Attributes

After adding a product you will be able to add unlimited number of that particular product with different Serial Number, invoice number, notes, product images and much more

Assign Items With To Someone Anytime

With the built in Allotment settings you will be able to assign assets to your employees with details like allocating employee detail, return date, given date etc.

Generate Automated Assets Report In Seconds

There is a report generation feature available in the HR Management module that lets you create detailed information about all your assets

Send Email Notification As A Reminder

Don’t worry if your employee forgets to return their assets in the given time. An automated email will be sent before the return date to remind them.

Instantly Let Your Employees Know If Their Request is Approved or Not

Use auto generated completely customizable emails to let your employees know if their assets requisition has been approved or not.


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