Guide your CRM agents on a faster and
organized sales process

See Everything In A More Streamline

Never get lost when dealing with multiple customers. See your deal progress, activity progress that you set, most recent won deals and more.

Find Out Easily Which Stage Your Deal Is On

Every deals is can be categorized in stages which completely customizable. Set the stages and start calculating which deal is on which stage.

Get A General Overview Of Your Deal Progress Using Pipeline

You will be able to see all your deals separated by stages in pipeline manner. Filter them by open, closed, lost, trashed deals or even by the owner

Manage What To Do From The Activity Menu

No need to rely on other to do list managers. Get the advantage of a built-in activity tracker that lets you set tasks. Assign tasks, time, category and more

Create Directories For Easy Access

Simply share your files using a simple URL directory. No need to need to rely on some else to send something that is confidential for you company.


Experience The Real Thing

Make it yours and revamp your business right away. Get started today and see the difference yourself.