Import and Sync all your SalesForce mailing lists into
WP-ERP CRM system and vice versa.

Import All Your Salesforce Contacts To WP ERP’s CRM

SalesForce is one of the most popular cloud-based CRM systems. If you already use SalesForce but want to use WP-ERP CRM side by side, this extension will allow you to create that bridge, it can sync all contacts and contact lists from your SalesForce account into your installation of WP-ERP CRM and vice versa.

Even Export The Contacts To Your Salesforce Account

With the built-in importing feature you can import all the currently available contacts in your own Salesforce account to your WordPress ERP’s CRM.

Easy & Simple One Click Configuration Method With Your Salesforce

You will be able to connect your Salesforce account with a simple click of a button. Enter your Salesforce account credentials and you are ready to start transferring data.

Seamless Data Transfer Between Both Platform

Everything happens instantly. Just choose your method, configure your list and click on the synchronize button. It’s that easy!


Experience The Real Thing

We know talks are cheap. So we made an official demo of our product so you can have an hand-on experience