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Take a look at some of the key features that you get with this one.

Sync All Your Order Details With The Click Of A Button

No complicated process needed. You will be able to synchronize all your WooCommerce order details instantly with the click of a button.

Control How Your Data Gets Imported To Your CRM

With the built-in CRM tab you will be able to configure how your WooCommerce order data gets imported. Set the CRM sync on/off, the life stages of a customer according to their condition and more. You can also set the owner for that contact.

See Your Sales Overview Along With Your WooCommerce Data Details

Enable the Accounting sync option, choose the payment account. There is even option to set the WooCommerce order details with the product account and shipping account.

See Complete Activity Record In Customer Profile

Get a streamline overview with order details in your CRM agents profile.

Manage Subscription

Let your users signup for a newsletter service during their checkout. Enable this option to show your users an option to sign up. You can even select a default contact for each subscription in your CRM.

Filter Through Your Contacts Using WooCommerce Details

After syncing all your WooCommerce order details with your CRM and Accounting module you will be able to filter through those contacts with WooCommerce related field.

See Who Has Purchased Less or More Than A Specific Amount

With the built in conditional settings you will be able to figure out who have bought with less or more than a specified amount.


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