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Power Up Your Workforce with WordPress HR Plugin

WP ERP provides an easy WordPress Employee Management plugin. You will be able to see detailed employee profiles along with leave requests, promotions, increments, performance logs. Get announcements,
email notifications & more!

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Why Choose A WordPress Employee
Management System

Open Source

Open source & self-hosted

Open Source

Fully functional remote working abilities

Multi privacy controls

Multi privacy controls

HR System

Web-based online HR system


Centralized medium to store unlimited data

Accounting Modules

Free HR & Accounting modules

Overview of HRM

This WordPress HR Module gives a complete view of what's going on with your Human Resource.
Start your day with your work calendar, announcements, leaves – all in a single page.

The HR dashboard gives an overview of employees, departments, designations, calendar & announcements. View upcoming birthdays & who is on leave for the day.

With Attendance add-on, employees can self check in and check out, and watch daily stats here.


Add new employees from here & view their crucial details at a glance from the employee dashboard.

View who is active in the company. Filter out employees by their status or search directly.


Add unlimited departments with details like lead name and number of employees.

View details about your departments at a glance from here.


Add new designations and descriptions that define the job title precisely.

Simple & easy interface makes it convenient for you to view your designations & number of employees in each.


Create announcements for your team workers and the rest of the company. You can publish or keep in draft.

Select who to send this announcement if it is meant for specific team members only. You can also filter by date.


Leave policies defines the terms and conditions of a leave type. Do this by year, department, designation, location, gender and martial status.

The Leave Management is a comprehensive system for you to manage your leaves around the company. It includes requests, entitlements, holidays, and calendar.

Leave Policies

9 types of built-in reports to guide you through the progress of your employees and let you track crucial company stats.

Illustrative and graphical reports help you to filter out your employees by certain categories, get insights & make productive decisions.


If you've products owned by the company and utilized by team members, use the Asset Management feature to keep track, so you never lose out of them!

Allow employees to make asset requests and make allotments in a few clicks.


The Attendance system is an all-in-one shift & daily attendance manager for your employees.

Get a one-glance view of contract type, joining dates, status and a lot more from your dashboard. You can even avail reports of individual employee's attendance & filter it daily, monthly or weekly.

Bulk Shift Assign

Add as many new fields to your employee profile forms as you need. This is one of the best selling extensions!

If you're using the CRM & Accounting modules, the Custom Field Builder will also let you add new fields to your customer, contact, company and vendor profiles.

Custom Field Builder

The Document Manager is a vital add on that lets you store, upload & manage your office files & folders with unlimited space!

View creator name, when it was edited & file size. The document manager is also available inside each employee's profile.

Company Document

The HR Frontend is the best partner to your ERP. It lets you view everything from the frontend! Employees can apply for leaves & view important information.

Employees can self check-in and check-out from here without having to log in to dashboard.

HR Management

The Training add on is best for creating & keeping track of educational & mandatory curriculum for employees.

Managers can assign to entire departments or a designation or even select specific employees. Track details such as, status, points scored and duration.


Payroll is a comprehensive system and a must for your HR Management. It handles the salaries, pay runs, pay calendars, taxes and a lot more for the entire year.

The dashboard gives you a summarized overview of your pay periods, pay runs, payment dates, status & a lot more.

Payroll Overview

The comprehensive Recruitment system delivers a perfect workflow from setting up a vacancy post to examining, interviewing, shortlisting & finally selecting candidates.

Easily assign stages, ratings, download CVs & take other actions with your candidates.


Reimbursements lets managers handle returns & refunds for employees.

View status of a payment, transaction dates & amounts in the dashboard. The graphs illustrate these information so it's easier to view & grasp.


With SMS notification, send direct texts to employees to notify them of important announcements or send reminders.

WP ERP lets you connect your system with two of the most popular SMS gateways Clickatel and Twilio.


Set up conditions to trigger automated actions for particular employees.

Send emails, assign tasks, update fields, schedule meeting & a lot more with Workflow automatic triggers.

Workflow Candidates

How to use WP ERP HR Plugin


Download core plugin
from dashboard


Setup in few moments
with the built-in guide


Get premium extensions
from the site


Start managing office

Your Complete HR Management

New employee, designation, department, reporting and leave management right at your fingertips.
Manage everything professionally with our complete HR Solution.


Manage Your Employees

The employee listing feature lets you add all the personal details of an
employee in one place. Keep assessment reports, complaints,
increments & every possible detail you need!

Custom Builder

Custom Field Builder

Need to add extra fields to employee, contact
and company profile? Add as many fields as
you need.


Gather all Employee Information

You can put as much information of the employee as you want in the profile page. You can even add documents in the form using a

Custom Builder

Document Manager

Store and organize your office documents and share with the managers with this smart
file sharing tool.


See Entire Lifecycle

The interactive job data feature allows you to add information about any events like transferring to another location, salary increment, employment status and so on.

Custom Builder

Asset Manager

Manage your office inventory with ease, assign assets to employees and collect them back on time.

Easy Navigation & Quick Insights

A summarized dashboard gives a bird’s eye overview of your ERP and immediate actions that need to be
taken. Shortcuts make it easy to navigate throughout WP ERP in a click.

Overview Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

The dashboard is wonderfully designed to give you a full summarized view of everything you and your employees need to know at a glance. Here you can view the latest announcements, upcoming holidays & events, birthdays, view payslips, see who is out, view number of staffs, departments, and designations. You can also check in and out from the dashboard and view your overall attendance status.


Navigate with

WP ERP comes with a shortcut header menu that makes jumping and switching from one tab to another very quick and easy. In one click you can directly navigate to any HR tab no matter where you’re in your dashboard.

Overview Dashboard

Plenty of Employee
Management Activities

Pay off wages & salaries, recruit new employees, take online exams, evaluate and provide
feedback to your employees with WordPress HR Management plugin.


Evaluate Employee Performance

As the company owner or HR manager, you can take feedback from
team leads and project managers about a specific employee and keep
the discussion data on his profile. So when you are talking about him
or taking a decision, this will help you.



Create vacancy posts, publish and manage
the entire recruitment process right from
your WordPress dashboard.


Add Private Notes

Private notes help you to mark an achievement of the
employee. You may want to note that he worked
overnight to fix a problem and you are really happy to
share it with the company owner.

Add Private Notes

See Employee Leave Details

Keeping records of leave requests offline and calculating them is a
quite time consuming task. The system will automatically go over the
previous details in one click & calculate the balances for you.



The payroll extension enables you to manage
your employees' salary from the WordPress

Create Departments & Designations

Categorize employees into different departments & designations.
There’s no limit to the numbers!

Add Private Notes

Easy Department

This feature allows you to list all the departments in the system.
Later you can tag the employees with departments and create
announcements for them depending on departments.


Designation Management

Designation listing helps you to save all the available positions & also
view the numbers in each of them. So you do not have to remember
and type them each time!



WP HR Training is an automated training
system for WordPress. Save more time and
increase productivity with this training
management tool​.


Employee Leave Management

Manage all aspects of your employee leaves right from a single place. Create leave policies, leave
entitlements, holidays and most importantly your leave requests of your employees.


Create Leave Policies

The company has some rules and entitlements to allow leave
requests. You can list them in the system to be used by the employees
and HR manager to keep things simple and easy.



Manage your office expenses from a single
place where employees can request for
reimburse payments.


Manage Leave Requests
from One Place

We have streamlined the leave request reviewing process. Viewing all
requests on one page helps you to review & decide. You can also add
new leave requests yourself for employees.



A complete attendance management system
that allows employee check-in and check-out
with useful reports.


Manage Holidays

List all the holidays in the year to apply the day offs automatically and
calculate work hours easily.

HR Frontend

HR Frontend

Bring HR module to the frontend & have an
interactive dashboard with enriched security
and privacy.


Leave Entitlements

Assign a leave policy and period of leave to multiple
employees by departments or by individual employee.
You can also select the location when you want to assign
to multiple employees.



The calendar shows all approved leave requests
throughout the year. It can be filtered by department and
designation for a more precise view. You can also filter
by month, week and day.

Useful HR Reporting

Need some quick reports for a presentation? There are 9 ready graphical reports for you about
the whole company depending on various factors that are automatically generated.

Emailing & Messaging

With the built-in numerous email templates in your settings and the announcements section, alert
everyone at the office about important messages.


Rich Email Templates

Customizable email templates give you the freedom to reach your
employees in the tone you want to. So you are free to apply your best
words and be creative.

Automate with Workflow

Automate with Workflow

Automate your emails, contact or employee
creation and other related processes on a
systemic workflow.


Flash Important Messages

Need to send a message to a specific employee? or the whole office?
This is the feature for you. It displays the message on the employees
dashboard and sends and email too notify.

SMS Notification

SMS Notification

Send SMS notifications to your contacts and
employees from your ERP system using
famous SMS gateways.


Company & Location Management

List the main branch location & other locations to use them later in employee profile, invoice and many
other places where you might need to enter the location details or the address.

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