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Please notify this thread when you have made Number 1 and 2 changes Shawon, I really appreciate your reception of this advice because your product can benefit a lot of small businesses from having to pay high prices for ERP and CRM software.

Being a small business owner should not deprive one of business solutions because of high costs. I have I intend to purchase the multisite package and resell to small businesses in my Country.

Businesses like salons and eateries.

The Invoice really is not convenient, currently, we cannot even insert company bank account as most companies do not use e-commerce thus rely on printed or pdf versions.

Whilst I am here, how can I enable the feature to make telephone calls from WP ERP?
Is it possible to bypass the autofill customer on Invoice for non-customers? the journal is not prerry enough and lacks details compared to invoice. The need for a double entry might cause confusion to client with no accounting knowledge.

Maybe have a Receipt?

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