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Yes, you can certainly do the whole workflow you mentioned. Let me describe how it’ll work.

-> You’ll have a contact form on your site, where the potential customers will reach you with requirements.
-> You’ll get the submission over your email and this contact will be taken to the CRM contact list.
-> Now, you can create estimates once you get confirmation from the vendor as you do contact them over email. The estimate will be delivered to the potential customer.
-> If they approve, you’ll need to create a project inside the WP Project Manager to manage the whole order process with the individual tasks until it’s done.

The strange things you mentioned:
1. We offer estimates in Accounting for now but later, it’ll be available in the CRM as well.
2. Yes, we’ll have an email template for the estimates soon as we are working on it.

This is the initial guideline and if you think you need help on configuration or get confused anywhere, feel free to reach out support center directly.

By default, the estimates format can not be changed, unless you customize it form the codes.


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