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Yes, we are anxiously awaiting this. I was wondering why you would need to “separate” the CRM and Accounting database with regard to “Customer Information”.

When a CRM Contact is changed to “Customer” the CRM Customer Information fields in their existing table could simply become accessible TO THE Accounting Module instead of using a separate table. I would not have a problem with making it mandatory that all customer information edits be done via the CRM, in fact that makes more sense so you don’t have a new address in the customer’s Accounting Module table and an old address in the CRM.

It’s like displaying a form with fields from multiple data sources instead of creating separate data sources full of duplicate information. This would simplify the modifications necessary to make this happen. Keep it simple I always say. displaying fields in ANY AREA of WordPress is merely a database “CALL”. Currently, if I am correct, you guys are populating two entirely separate tables for CRM and Accounting, when customer information should be stored in ONE TABLE yet accessible by all modules. This way, no matter where you EDIT the customer information, it shows up with the modified data in every place within WP-ERP.

Just babbling here, but anxious to see it in action.

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