6 Ways You Can Automate Your Daily Sales Routine with ERP Workflow

6 Ways You Can Automate Your Daily Sales Routine with ERP Workflow

Whether you are for it or against it, automation is the future.

Maybe automated robots that can take away human jobs are still a bit far away but that’s not the same case for software automation. Popular platforms like Zapier, IFTTT etc are providing automation at a consumer level that was not heard of back in the days. They not only save your valuable time but also give your business new possibilities.

We weren’t gonna just let our customers feel left out. So we created an extension Workflow to automate your actions for WP ERP. It is trigger based so you can set it in any way you like, to help you in your business.

What is Workflow?

Workflow is an extension for WP ERP which works with all three FREE modules that it features. You can use it to automate certain tasks based on certain triggers for HR, CRM, and Accounting module.

Some of the core features Workflow have –

  • Trigger modules for certain conditions.
  • Initiate events based on different conditions.
  • Create and activate new workflows.
  • Manage workflows that you already created.
  • Manage the status of workflows. You can either pause them or resume them anytime.

In this blog, we will show you how you can implement Workflow to automate your daily sales routine.

Instantly Follow Up a New Contact

Customer loves it when your business instantly follows up with them the moment they get in touch. It shows that you appreciate them and they feel welcomed to be a part of your brand. You can easily do this with the Workflow extension. Go to the Workflow menu and select Add New. There you can configure your follow up mail by simply clicking some buttons.

Instantly Follow Up a New Contact Using WPERP

Automatically Select Salary Type

Selecting each employee and individually, curating in which payment type are you gonna give them their salary is really a time-consuming job. Not to mention if your organization is on a larger scale in size. By using Workflow you can automate it all simply selecting some conditions.

Automatically Select Salary Type Using WPERP

Notify About Scheduled Meetings

By connecting Workflow with the CRM you can assign a scheduled meeting with a contact, with one or many of your employees. This keeps your interaction with your customers running.

Also, your employees will never forget that important meeting they have with a customer!

Notify About Scheduled Meetings Using WPERP

Send Mail to Unsubscribers

Not all of your customers are gonna be satisfied with the service that you provide, no matter how good you might be! Sending a mail is the least you can do to say goodbye.

Send Mail to Unsubscribers Using WPERP

With Workflow you don’t need any separate workforce monitoring 24/7 to maintain unsubscription email service.

Verify New Vendor

If you are running an e-commerce platform on WordPress, you are already familiar with the problems with vendor verification. Though WooCommerce doesn’t support multi-vendor, many third-party plugins give you the option to transform your single vendor site to multi-vendor. Dokan, powered by WooCommerce is a great example for that if you are interested.

By using Workflow you can automatically assign one of your employers a task to verify a vendor as soon as he/she signs up.

Verify New Vendor Using WPERP

Send Expense Invoice to HR

Keeping track of every expense of a business can be a very hectic job for the accounts department and even for the HR manager.

By using Workflow you can automatically create a trigger based action that, when a new expense invoice is generated it will automatically be sent to the HR manager. Not only does it save time but also keeps the expense management of the company much simpler.

Send Expense Invoice to HR Using WPERP

Final Thoughts

Time is becoming more valuable by the minute. Ironic!

With all the latest innovation happening in every sector imaginable, it is no surprise that business is one of the most happening ones to be in. Automation services are being provided at such a consumer level that it is quite literally cheating compared to the old times of doing business.

You can get products and services for free that can jump-start your business for the next stage.

WP ERP piqued your interest? With premium extensions, you can do even more!

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