All-in-One Business Manager for your WordPress Site

All-in-One Business Manager for your WordPress Site

Business Manager is a tool that makes all the day to day business activities automated, fast, accurate, cost-efficient and above-all productive. It will simplify and support routine office functions on its own responsibility by incorporating and integrating tasks e.g. preparation of reports, correspondence, communications with employees and clients, file maintenance, duplication, processing accounting transactions and distribution of written materials and many more.

Regardless of your business size, you should consider a piece of business management software so that you can maximize productivity and revenues. In this article, we will introduce you to an all-in-one Business Management plugin for WordPress and discuss why it is important for your business management.

Why is Business Management Software So Crucial?

Office Automation

With the help of a business manager tool, it is possible to automate your business’s office to the fullest. Automating processes diminishes your involvement in mundane clerical tasks, such as performing data entry, organizing customer data, creating reports etc. Automating information systems reduces storage space, speed up retrieval and allows several employees to access the same data at the same time.

Reduction in Paperwork

The increasing price of pen and paper is becoming a problem when it comes to the cost reduction strategy. The problem gets even worse when a letter is dictated (or written by hand), then it is typed (draft), proofread and delivered to the executive which might require more papers. Since a business management software allows you to write and edit notes, the possibility of the requirement of extra papers gets reduced.

Faster and More Improved Communication Environment

Effective communication environment works as the cornerstone of a successful business. In fact, an effective and faster communication with your human resource and client resource will expedite your business management. For example: To manage your customers or clients you need to create emails and send them as soon as possible. A full-fledged business management tool has a built-in email functionality that will enable you to do so.

Relieving Monotony

Who wants to do the same thing over and over again? There are some clerical outputs which require doing the same thing repeatedly. This results in boredom and it leads to the unwillingness to do work. To overcome this problem you can consider a business management tool that will eventually repel the repetition of tasks.

Standardization of Office Routines

Standardization of office routines facilitates better coordination of tasks for your business. Luckily, a business management solution will enable you to track who is on leave, the check in or check out time of each employee etc. which is necessary to enhance your employee monitoring capability.

Better Accuracy, Fewer Bottlenecks and Greater Velocity in Workflow

If a data processing operation is strained to and beyond the capacity for which it was originally designed, inaccuracies and errors begin to appear and the control of official activities hampers. But an automated business management tool can eliminate the chances of errors and bottlenecks and do all the tasks on its own with great velocity.

Why Choose WordPress?

Well, WordPress is free and it’s the most popular CMS ever out there on the market. Since it is free it will help you significantly lower your enterprise’s operating costs. Besides, it’s so intuitive that your employees don’t need to take special training to learn WordPress.  In case you didn’t know, WordPress is powering up almost one-third of the total number of the websites.

Besides, it has tons of free themes and plugins in its directory. Moreover, since WordPress community is very large, you will never feel left alone. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

However, if you don’t have a WordPress website, don’t feel disappointed. You can get a WordPress website very easily.

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WP ERP on WordPress

If you have a WordPress website, you have everything! Among tens of thousands of free plugins, WP ERP is one of them which is absolutely free! With the integrated HRM, CRM and Accounting module, you will be able to boost your enterprise with the least amount of budget. Most if not all cases, startups even established businesses struggle to pull in the reigns of expenditures.

Fortunately, Being the first business management solution to WordPress environment, WP ERP comes to the rescue and obviously free of cost!

Why will You Use WP ERP as A Business Management Tool?

WP ERP is one of a kind WordPress business management plugin that will help you carry out all the day to day business activities automatically and swiftly. Frankly, it will give you all the benefits that we discussed above. However, this smart tool has some hidden treasure that you need to explore:

Manage Your Project with WP ERP

Hiring project manager can really be time-consuming and expensive. With WP ERP you will be able to manage your projects with ease. This is really cost-effective and you will find it pretty interesting. You can download our free project manager for WP ERP from here.

A 360 Degree View of Your HR Resource, Customer Resource, and Accounting

Under the HRM module, there is an overview option to get an overview of your HR department. You can create as many departments and employees as you want.

You can create or save your customers’ data as contacts under the CRM module. Here is a screenshot:

Accounting dashboard will help you take a bird’s eye view. This is necessary if you are in hurry!☻

Make Reporting on Your Employees with HRM Module

The excellent news is that most of the reports are autogenerated according to the data that you insert. This is very important to identify the appropriate employee for a task based on their experience reports. The attendance report is also necessary to manage your employees more efficiently.

Accounting Module that Eliminates the Need for a Professional Accountant

The accounting module will enable you to perform all the accounting related tasks from basic to advanced even without the need of a professional need of an accountant. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it very easy to do all the accounting operation with the help of the plugin. For instance, if you enter a journal entry, WP ERP will automatically generate all the other subsequent accounting statements and reports like Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheets etc.

Make Announcements on the Fly

No paperwork! No red tape! Just use the announcement feature of HRM to announce something. All employees of your Business organization will be able to see the announcements made by you on their respective dashboard.

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Get Invoices for Every Transaction

Whenever a transaction is made with WP ERP’s accounting module, an invoice is automatically generated. The invoice contains all the important data regarding a particular transaction. Here is a sample invoice:

Some Advanced Features of WP ERP

If you are managing a very large business and want to operate with more control then you can consider our paid extensions.

Manage Your Inventories Like a Pro

To keep a track of how many inventories are in stock, avoid backorders and manage perishable and non-perishable goods we have made an Inventory Management solution which is really effective.

Learn more: Manage Stocks Using the WordPress Inventory Management Plugin

Frontend Access to Your Employees

With HR Frontend extension, you will be able to restrict your employees to frontend so that they don’t need to login to the Admin Dashboard. This is a must to prevent your website from any kind of unforeseen incidents of hacking.

Sending Emails or Newsletters to Your Customers or Clients

Every business expert knows that email campaign is the open secret for the rapid growth of a business. Emails help you stay connected to your customers. With Email Campaign extension, you can send automatic newsletters to your audience at ease.

Manage and Restore Your Documents When You Need Them

Document manager is such an extension as will help you free up office storage and maintain security and privacy of the confidential documents. Besides, it will also allow you to retrieve your desired document at your disposal.

Learn more: Use the WP ERP Document Manager to Manage Your HR Documents

Recruit Employees Easily

If you are using WP ERP’s Recruitment extension, you can post job circulars and recruit employees by just going to the dashboard of WordPress.

Take Payments with the Famous Payment Gateways

You can take payments directly from invoices using the Payment Gateway extension. Since WP ERP supports PayPal and Stripe, you will be able to get payments from all sorts of Credit cards.

Manage Payrolls

Managing Payrolls is one of the most strenuous tasks of business management. With our Payroll solution, you will be able to seamlessly manage your employee payrolls.

Learn more: Manage Employee Salary With WordPress Payroll Plugin

Final Thoughts

We have been implementing WP ERP for a couple of years to tackle the hassle of our own business management. So, we have developed the solution based on our practical experience. If you want to minimize your business management expenditures, give yourself an edge over your competitors yet maximize output, you can consider WP ERP for your business. You can also try the demo to have a real-life feel with the plugin.

If you want to know how we are implementing WP ERP at weDevs, you can go through this article.

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