Manage Your Employee Attendance With An Automatic Attendance Software

Manage Your Employee Attendance With An Automatic Attendance Software

To become an efficient manager, you have to track your employees working hours and oversee the employees’ performance like when they are working, which employees are working and when to anticipate scheduled time off. This is because the cost of absenteeism can impact greater than the cost of remuneration and other benefits.

However, managing your employees is obviously a repetitive and tedious task which is not a good sign for a manager. To make things easier for a manager, the use of an effective and automated attendance management software definitely moves the needle on.

In this article, I will explain how the free attendance software like WordPress Attendance Plugin can drive your attendance management in an automated yet productive way.

How WordPress Attendance Plugin can help you boost your attendance management

Self-attendance service and employee time clock

This is a fundamental feature when it comes to the self-attendance function of an automated tool and the WordPress Attendance Management tool does that job effectively. Every employee can check in or check out at their own using their individual dashboard.

Here is a real-time screenshot containing the attendance clock from the dashboard of one of our employee:

attendance software

Specify your office hours

Specifying office hours is the bare minimum for the system to determine reports and others. It helps the system to calculate everything for example how many employees have entered in-time, who is late or who is absent, total worked hours by the employees and so on.

attendance software

Restrict IP addresses to prevent fake attendances

What if you want to restrict employees from using check-in and check-out outside the office premises? Not to worry! You can whitelist IP addresses of devices from which check-ins will be accepted only.

attendance software

One click attendance creation with export/import functionality

To create attendance for a day, all you need to do is navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Attendance → Add New. On clicking the Add New button, you will be able to see all of your employees and you can mark some or all of them as present with just one click.

attendance software

What’s even more interesting is that if your employees are used to checking in using any external devices like punch card or fingerprint scanner or any other biometric attendance machine or devices it is possible to import the attendance data from those devices in CSV format in order to use in the plugin.

You can also export the attendance data in CSV file format from the WordPress attendance management solution so as to use in any other place you want.

attendance software

Get the record of your employees quickly and in a customized manner

From the status record archive of your employees, you will be able to get to know what is their (employees’) ID, what is their name, what is their check-in/checkout time and total time they worked. You can also delete an employee’s data or all of the employees’ data if you need to.

attendance software

By selecting a time duration such as yesterday, today, this month, last month, this year, last year or any custom time frame, you can only find attendances based on your selected time duration.

Assign separate shifts to employees

This is one of the coolest things about the plugin. With this feature, you can create different shifts for different employees and assign these shifts to them on any upcoming days that you want to. After creating a shift you can drag and drop the shifts on an employee to assign the shifts. There is a one-click button to copy currently distributed shifts to the next weeks to get your things done swiftly.

attendance software

Notify your employees with email for late check-in

If any employee checks in when the grace after check-in period is over then you can notify the employee with an email mentioning the fact that he or she did not check in time. The best part is you can edit the email subject, email heading, email body just like a regular Gmail!

attendance software

Smart alert messages

In case any employee tries to check out early then he or she will get an intelligent alert message mentioning that particular employee had not completed his working hours on a certain day. Here is the default gentle reminder email of the system:

attendance software

Get date based and employee based attendance report

With date based and employee based attendance report, you will be able to whittle your efforts down in order to supervise your employee performance. You will get amazing graphs that will reflect the total workdays, holidays, average present, average absent, average late, average early late and so on for a specified period. As a bonus, you will get a filter option to filter the results with respect to main location, department and months.

Here is a graphical interface when you select date based employee attendance report.

attendance software

Here is another screenshot for an employee based attendance report:

attendance software

Staffs can see their own attendance and working hours history

Your employees will be able to see their history not only in plain text but also in amazing graphical representations that show early entry, late entry work-time, work duration and many more. Here is a screenshot from an employee’s profile:

attendance software

How to avail the plugin?

To avail the plugin, you must have a WordPress website as a prerequisite. Secondly, you must install the free WP ERP plugin on your WordPress website. If you can make sure to have these two things on your side then you will have to buy and install the WordPress attendance plugin.

That’s all you need to do, cool right? 🙂

You can also go through this detailed tutorial to learn how to install and configure the Attendance tool.

Wrapping up

With a view to saving your time, effort and money, you need an Attendance Management tool that can do the calculations on its own, generate meaningful reports with graphs and anything under the sun required to measure your employees’ performance pertaining to attendance.

Still in doubt about the effectiveness of the tool? Then we recommend you use the demo version from below so that you can play around it and get hands-on experience. We have discussed only the major facets of the plugin here. In fact, there’s more inside it.

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