Importance of Human Resource Management in Your Business

Importance of Human Resource Management in Your Business

Man, machine, materials, and money are the vital elements of a business. Of them, ‘Man’ plays the most essential role because it is nothing but the lifeblood for the rest of the elements. Without humans, there will be no effective use of the other elements.

This is why the importance of human resource management can neither be ignored nor be underestimated. In this post, we will be showing reasons why the human resource management is the imperative part for a business. No more fuss! Let’s get right onto the topic.

Reasons why human resource manager is imperative for businesses

  • Hiring employees: A human resource manager has to recruit employees for various departments. But not all candidates are competent for a vacant post. This is why the manager needs to create his/her own hiring process. If you are a hiring manager, you can easily automate and make your own hiring process with a recruitment software and you will be able to effortlessly source eligible candidates through posting jobs, screening the applicants, setting the interviewers and so on.
importance of human resource management
  • On-boarding of the hired: Not only does the HR manager recruit new employees but inducts them with the organizational culture and the ground rules. The preparation of a great onboarding and induction process may need a great amount of time but once it is applied, you will notice that the newly recruited staffs are getting on the same page with the older ones swiftly.
  • Communicating with the employees: The company directors can abruptly change a policy (for example, the ground rules, office time and other stuff). The human resource manager disseminates this information properly among the company workers through announcements and SMS notifications.
importance of human resource management
  • Optimizing compensation costs: The compensation experts in the HR department conducts extensive wage and salary surveys to develop a pragmatic compensation scheme. They ensure the company status remain intact compared to the industry standard or the employees working in similar companies when it comes to compensation costs or employee benefits.
  • Managing attendance: Attendance management is a key function for every human resource department. To this end, the HR manager has to deal with the recording of check ins and check outs, calculation of total worked hours, overtime and many more. Fortunately, an attendance management software can be deployed to minimize this pain point with ease.
importance of human resource management
  • Settling disputes among employees: There is barely an organization where no conflicts take place. In fact, conflicts can take place between the management and employees or even among the employees. However, the HR manager works as the middleman between the management and employees to solve any issue that arises within the company and thus maintains a sound relationship.
  • Providing work safety: There are three Department of Labor agencies in the USA who are responsible for the safety and health-related issues of the workers. The HR personnel ensures the compliance of the government laws and regulations so as to provide a hygienic and congenial work ergonomics. This way, the human resource manager reduces the number of injuries, casualties, and fatalities of workers while they are maneuvering dangerous apparatuses, hazardous equipment and lethal chemicals in the workplace. 
  • Managing company assets: It is a quite common scenario for some business enterprise that distributes laptops, cars, bikes, and other stuff to its employees for varied purposes. However, it is very important for the HR not only to allot these assets but also to take back those assets and record that information in the company database. This can easily be done by an asset management software.
importance of human resource management
  • Juggling with diversified methods: Every organization is unique. So, there is no “one size fits all” solution out there for every organization of the world. Thus, the HR has to juggle with multiple methods of managing his/her employees and finally has to determine which one works best for his/her organization. For example, some employees can be motivated by the ‘X’ theory while the others can easily be encouraged by the ‘Y’ theory.
  • Looking after the company database: It is none but the human resource manager who takes care of all sorts of important company data and information. He always has to maintain an updated database which includes job responsibilities, personal data, performance evaluation or assessment of the employees. However, employing a document management software can reduce the strain of maintaining an enormous amount of company papers. This type of software can help the HR manager share and get the desired papers instantly using the advanced search options when it is required.
importance of human resource management
  • Maintaining public relationships and company image: The human resource department actively organizes business meetings, seminars, symposium, giveaway ceremonies, and others in order to build a sound relationship with the target audience, government, and fellow companies within the industry. This act of engagement with the company stakeholders really upholds the company image.
  • Managing payroll and incentives: Frequent changes in federal and state taxes and employment law make it literally complicated and time-consuming for the HR to adjust those changes over and over again. If this payroll process can be automated by a payroll management software then this complications can effortlessly be solved with the minimalistic efforts.
importance of human resource management

Wrapping up

The key significance of the human resource manager is to improve the efficiency of the employees by keeping the ergonomics in optimum level and making the company image brighter than ever.

As the human resource manager carries out such important activities, he/she is pretty imperative for your business enterprise.

So once in a while think of taking your HR manager out for a dinner to thank him/her. 🙂

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