Make Searches Faster with The New AJAX Based Filtering

Make Searches Faster with The New AJAX Based Filtering

Getting customer information quickly on your hand allows you to respond to their needs better. In the customer service business, you do not want to keep them waiting. So you need fast searches.

Customer Relationship Manager or CRM is a free module by WP ERP, is thus – a power tool designed for fast responses. Our AJAX based contacts filtering is one of the coolest tools to name.

A faster WP ERP

WP ERP had a basic searching feature for contacts from the start. We have recently updated our solution with an AJAX based search filter. With this, searching will feel live, just like the way you search in Google!

This new filter works by accessing the contact list in real-time, also known as live search. Also the new search segment feature in CRM also has the capability of creating advanced searches with multiple filters and saving the search attributes.


  • Instant searching with a predictive search field.
  • Multiple stackable filters will allow you to use any field and data in combination for advanced searches.
  • You can Save the search filters for future use by other CRM agents.
  • Saved searches are integrated inside email campaigning as a recipient list, saving a lot of time. (Checkout the Email Campaign add-on)

Use the same technology as Google

This is the exact same technology that Google use for its searching! When using Google search, you will notice that it suggests you text when you type in. Now with WP ERP, you can search your contacts in real-time in a similar manner. All you have to do is, just type in. It filters the contacts and display automatically without reloading the page.

How live search can save your time

WP ERP filters the contacts when you type in the search box. Regular searching reloads the page before displaying the results after you type in your query. So, you can see this is a lengthy process.

Searching for the same thing repeatedly costs you more time to perform the same action. So, WP ERP learns the way you search and displays the result you may expect before you even hit enter. If we can save time for you, you can do more.

In this video above, you can see that by using AJAX filtering for contacts, I was able to search my entire list of contacts within seconds without reloading the page. This effectively gives you more time to perform your actual task.

Advanced filtering options for your contacts

WP ERP has advanced filtering options and it can help you to save custom searches for later use. You can easily create searches using different fields such as first and last names, email, phone, address etc. You can also set different built in search conditions.

The filtering will work just like live search and you will get the results very quickly. You can save the segment for later use. The filter by Segment option is available in the Contact page just for your. Use it according to your requirements and make your work easy!

WP ERP is a revolutionary WordPress plugin. With this tool managing your business and making your actions more organized, your gains are numerous. You not only save time and money, but make a lot more.

If you haven’t tried out WP ERP yet, give it a try and you will find the best solution for managing your business.

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