How to Create Easy Customer Interaction with WP ERP

How to Create Easy Customer Interaction with WP ERP

Your business is growing every day and the increase of customer makes it difficult for you to communicate with them keeping track of details. This may greatly affect your progress because if you start forgetting your customers, they will think you are ignoring them. What you need in this situation is a Customer Relationship Management.

It provides a proper channel that is capable of direct communication as well as keeping a tab of the customers. It may also allow the customers to rate your responses to see you are gaining their trust.

For success, interacting with the customers to create good relation needs to be top notch. Customers look for businesses to gives them a priority. This is one of the most practiced strategies by emerging businesses to catch the market.

WP ERP is an excellent enterprise level productivity and management solution that solves many problems that arise in growing companies. It comes with a module for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which is surprisingly fast and free.

wperp crm

Know your customers

Interacting with someone without knowing them is hard. When you connect with customers, you don’t sale the product actually. You sell your manner, and then the customer makes the purchase. So, knowing as much as possible about your customer puts in control. With our CRM, you can store a wide range of relevant information about your customers using profiles. Now your are properly equipped to prepare strategies and increase customer satisfaction.

know your customers

Sometimes even the smallest detail can create an opportunity. For example, you sent an email to wish birthday. They smile, maybe strike a conversation and who knows, maybe from that you can make a sale!

Communicate regularly using easy contact features

You should try to contact your customers more or less regularly. Regularly means when appropriate. This has a variable sense attached to it. But the general rule is you must not contact them every day or without a valid reason. This not only may start to irritate them, but they might even start to hate you. The line is really thin here and you will need some people skill to keep that balance.

Our CRM makes it easy to communicate with your customers using integrated mailing system, reminders, schedules. You can easily send emails to individual customers, customer groups and companies.

contact your customers

Besides that, you can log meetings, email, SMS and call for better interaction. It also allows to schedule meetings, calls, emails and SMS.

Additionally, assigning your team members to specific contacts helps your team to handle things with the right people.

Don’t forget to take notes

Notes may sound oldish but it the thing that will save you many times than you expect. Not all vibes can be categorized and logged into a system. So, notes are not obsolete yet and you will be glad to know we have it. For example, you may note different facts such as preferences, priorities etc.

taking notes makes interaction better

Use advanced filtering and live search

Sometimes you need to find specific customers to send special offers. In such case, quick searching and filtering makes a big difference.

The live search feature and advanced filtering of CRM helps you to identify special customers easily. This saves your valuable time and simplifies your operations.

Using the live search features you can create search segments that can help you identify potential customers. You can save the search segment and use it later for creating better strategy.

Segment customers using groups and life states

Our CRM module offers you the ability to segment your customers using four different groups. You can also respond to your customers according to the status created by life states. You will be able to prioritize your interaction services for more efficiency.

The Email Campaign add-on of WP ERP can help you to create personalized emails and send them to different customer groups. It can become very handy when you need to offer something to a specific customer group.

customer management

WP ERP is an outstanding tool for managing customer relationship properly. You may try these awesome and handy tips to create a strong customer trust and brand value. So, give it a try and boost the relationship with your customer.

2 thoughts on “How to Create Easy Customer Interaction with WP ERP”

  1. Hi, I love this amazing tool+most of your premium addons. The integrated mailing system is a promising option for any sales person and easy for admin to track interaction between the sales agent – customer. I have seen similar feature (Integrated Email) in Costly Hubspot (currently I use this and looking for a Wordpress option). We can log incoming emails too. It will help us to view all the email interactions in one place. Unfortunately that option is not available with WP ERP CRM module. I hope you will have an eye on that option. Thank you.

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