Easiest Way to Apple Maps Listing Your Businesses

Easiest Way to Apple Maps Listing Your Businesses

From any business perspective, nowadays, if customers are looking for your business and it is difficult to find for them then no matter how hard you may try, you might still lag behind in getting your business to grow. And for customers using apple devices, apple map listing of businesses is highly essential to ensure business growth.

We all know Apple is one of the most popular company right now. Millions of people use these devices for their personal and business use. So if you have a business then listing it in the maps of Apple is inevitable.

Here, in this post, we will enlighten you with the importance of Apple map listing and how you can effectively list your business in Apple Maps.

Getting Listed to Be Found on Apple Maps

Although it is true that the Apple Maps application had quite a slow start since it first began its journey in 2012. Since its launch, it has gone through a number of backlashes and criticism. Though this has been later addressed over the years through its high-end application developments and updates. And over time it has caught up with the pace of Google maps and made a place for itself. So now Apple Maps is an online map where you would probably want to be included for sure.

Also, not to mention the fact of how every Apple devices (Macbook, iPhone, IPad) comes with its default integrated Apple Maps. It also includes built-in voice command feature Siri that is used to locate businesses in Apple Maps. The service also includes an increasing amount of information from local companies from multiple sources, that has been completed with online customer reviews, ratings, offers, photos and detailed directions.

Therefore if you are looking to enhance the online presence and visibility of your business then it makes perfect sense to appear in the list of Apple Maps. As we would all want our business to be found whenever any users say “Hi, Siri, find me the nearest Chinese Restaurant” or “Hey Siri, list out the closest super shop in New York”.

Keeping a balance of your commercial presence on various search platforms, maps in the locality is always beneficial. And in today’s competitive world, we can’t afford to miss out on the immense business opportunity. Needless to say the benefit that all the involved companies may gain from this.

Why Listing Your Business to Apple Maps Is Important

In the current business world, it is up to you to ensure that the business you possess gets its presence felt in all the domain wherever the potential customers are looking. And Apple Maps is one major environment where you would want your business to be found. And here are the reasons why:-

Getting closer to potential customers

With over 42 million users, Apple Maps is the ninth most popular application out there for Apple users. On the other hand, Google Maps is currently in the sixth position with over 65 million users. It has come down from 81 million that was in 2012. There are over 1 billion searches each month most of the local request through voice search such as Siri. Nowadays, whenever any Apple users use voice search to lookout for a business, Siri collects various sets of data that are available online. This includes the search results, Apple Maps, business review sites etc.

So this means that the information available about your business in the Apple Maps would certainly help the potential customer find your business if they ask for it. Thinking from this perspective, this makes the listing of your business in Apple Maps ever so important. As a recent survey suggests that more than 30% of the browsing sessions in the future will be completed without a screen. Therefore it is safe to say that dependency over the search result acquired by the voice search features will only increase over time.

Chances of getting more local searches

Just imagine that there are actually millions of iPhone users out there and for those users, their default business location locator is set as Apple Maps. And all those users before going to any physical store would search for that business online using the Apple Maps. And considering the number of people that uses iPhones to search the nearest business, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be found in the radar of Apple Maps.

As it is already an established fact that there are hundreds of millions of iOS operated devices available in the market right now and in all those devices Apple Maps is the leading navigation and map search application with over 5 billion transactions per week. So this means there can be a substantial amount of daily local searches for your business that you wouldn’t want to miss out. So this certainly makes the correct listing of your business in Apple Maps ever so essential for the sake of reaching your business visibility to a larger audience.

Decreases the chance of losing customers

It is not unknown to us that online listings are pulled in from a range of locations that include taxes and registration data as well. The details that are already available in the map listing may change sometimes. So as a business firm, you would have to be proactive and keep checking for any outdated or incomplete listed details. For example, the new contact info or address of your recently relocated business office or any changes in the business hours of your new office.

Even for a few days, if the listed details of your business is not up to date then there is every chance of a missed opportunity of not being able to connect with some possible customers due to not having the updated information that might have motivated them to pick your business and contact you.

Listing & Claiming Your Business on Apple Maps

In order to list and claim your business in Apple Maps, the first thing you will need to do is to get connected in Apple Maps. The rest of the steps are all demonstrated below.

Step 1: Signing in with Apple ID

This the very first step towards connecting your Apple Maps for business listing. Simply sign in with your free Apple ID after visiting Apple Maps Connect.

Step 2: Picking the preferred language

Once you are done signing in with your Apple ID, you will be asked to choose your preferred language. Opt for your suitable language and click on Done.

P.S: If you want to receive Apple Maps Connect related News & Notifications then do check tick the small white box above before clicking Done.

Step 3: Agreeing to the Apple INC. terms & conditions

The Terms of Use page will appear when you log in to Apple Maps for the very first time in your Apple device. Read the terms carefully and once you are ok with it simply tick check the box as shown in the image above and press Agree.

Step 4: Looking out for your business to claim it

The next thing is about looking out for the business you have. On the search bar of the Apple Maps at the top, search for the business you currently own. If you have a generic business like KFC, Pizza Hut etc. then it will list all the business with similar names in the same city or area. Choose your business from the suggested list. (We have used KFC as an example in this case)

Step 5: Claiming the business

Now this step involves the claiming of your business. So once you pick your business, it will take you to this page where you will have to claim the place you have chosen. Verifying the information to make sure it is the same business that you have or own. Click on the blue button ‘Claim this place’ to get to the next step.

Step 6: Adding new place

This step will be required if you are unable to find your place. So, if you can’t find your business to claim in the search results then there is nothing to worry about. You can always list and claim your business after clicking on “Add New Place”. After that follow the next step.

Step 7: Updating the business information details

You will then be send to a page where you will be able to edit and update the business information details as it can be seen in the image above. Accurately fill out all the business details and then press ‘Next’.

Step 8: Verifying the business with a code

Finally, it will ask to verify your claim of your business by receiving a call from Apple in your provided business phone number. The automated call will also provide you with a code to complete the verification process. Once the verification is complete, Apple will contact you to provide you with further information about your business claim.

And that’s it, the listing of your business is complete in Apple Maps.

Recommendations: Optimizing Apple Map Listing

Just like Google My Business, you should claim your Apple Map listing for your business by connecting to Apple Maps. Before that, you should get an Apple ID, if you already don’t have one as you will need it to connect your business to Apple maps. After connecting to Apple Maps, check out the instruction carefully on to add your business.

Once you have signed in and added your business, you will get to view all the other listings. Mainly the list that you are associated with this Apple ID. Even though the operation of Apple Maps isn’t as interactive as Google Maps. But in terms of managing multiple admins we can expect that over time it will only get better. But with a single Apple ID, one can easily manage multiple businesses that are associated.

Make the Best Use of Apple Maps to Help Your Business Grow

When it comes to improving the SEO ranking of your business, it can be quite a difficult task. As getting it high up in the search engine of Apple maps is never easy. For many, it is still a dark pattern. In order to create an identity for your business, you will have to augment its maps and review listing activities. It should be done in ways such as with blogs, reviews, or being present in other local websites.

In most cases, when it is about taking care of Local SEO, most people seem to more rely on Google Maps search results. Though looking at the current market share of Google, this approach isn’t totally unjustified.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean Apple map listing doesn’t hold any importance in the SEO for businesses. In fact, surprisingly enough in current business conditions businesses listed in Apple maps gets great exposure. Better in the local search even compare to Google Maps. It was mainly because, many Apple device using customers, uses Siri as their default search option. And it automatically searches their queries through Apple Maps.

So without a doubt, we can come to a conclusion that, within the same city, whenever anyone searches similar type of businesses like yours, your business will be found easily if you can really make the best use of Apple Maps for your business listing. Not to mention the kind of business growth and exposure you will get from it.

So if you have a business, and you want to list it in the Apple Maps to help reach its audiences easily, then you can do it from right here.

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