10 Major Reasons Why WordPress Become the Top Priority for Building Business Website

10 Major Reasons Why WordPress Become the Top Priority for Building Business Website

WordPress is one of the most popular and dynamically developing platforms for the creation and management of different types of websites. It is a nice CMS platform for you if you wish to create news or content portals, personal blogs, corporate websites of famous brands, small landing pages for family businesses, small E-commerce websites, WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace sites, charity organization sites, educational resources, etc. Because of a number of reasons, entrepreneurs all over the world use WordPress for online business. But why? Let’s find out.

1. Open Source

Always keep in mind that WordPress is an open source project. It does not belong to any person. So, each new version is created by the community for public sharing, allowing individuals to improve the CMS constantly. Downloading WordPress is absolutely free. Though you still need to pay for the domain and hosting. But you don’t have to pay a license fee to customize your site.

2. Financially Viable

It is a reality that hiring a developer to create an HTML website can cost from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. With WordPress CMS you can spend this money for hosting and supporting the site. This is why many individuals use WordPress for website creation as it is financially viable. Always keep in mind that hiring developers to create a large HTML website can make sense if you run an MNC firm where functionality is important that WordPress can’t offer without making additional investments. WordPress is suitable for all small to medium-sized web projects management and businesses.

3. Hassle-Free Site Management

Content marketing implies a lot of work if you run a website for bread and butter. You need to optimize your website with a mobile-first approach, protect it from hackers and keep it up-to-date. You will need to hire a developer to perform all these activities on the HTML website. In WordPress, both technical and non-technical individuals can operate a WordPress website without getting involved in complicated coding practices. You can publish content on WordPress websites and automate post publications as per your convenience.

4. Great Scalability Features

You might strongly feel the need to expand your website where there is a large customer base and their needs are increasing with each passing day. You can easily expand your website without seeking the help of WordPress Development companies. WordPress Multisite allows you to run multiple websites from one admin page.

5. Lots of Themes and Plugins

One of the other reason why so many people love WordPress is that they get access to thousands of beautiful themes (both free and premium) for business website creation. This makes it easier for website designers and developers to create a unique design for web projects in an easy way. In the same way, there is no shortage of WordPress plugins. You can extend the functionality of your website, automate different SEO activities, prevent online security threats, and complete the web development projects quickly.

6. User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

You do not need to be a programming expert or a developer to work with WordPress. The CMS has a friendly user interface that allows you to manage the site from one admin panel. You can add new pages, posts and files to your website with the help of an editor. Moreover, you can also modify the look of your site by adding backgrounds, widgets, caps and menus in the Appearance section. You will be pleased to know that WordPress gives you the ability to assign separate roles for users working on the same website.

Roles Responsibilities
Super Admin Website owner. He has access to the network site administration functions.
Administrator Has access to all administration functions on the site.
Editor and Author He can publish and manage posts.
Member Can Write Posts for the site, but can’t publish them.
Subscriber Can manage his profile only.

7. Easy Installation Process

You just need to create and configure the MySQL database and enter service data in the file with initial settings to install WordPress on your hosting server. All these activities are completed in a few minutes. During installation, you just need to connect the MySQL database and copy all the files to the paid hosting server to start your website. Always keep in mind that many paid hosting companies provide pre-installed WordPress installation services. Just choose the hosting control panel and select its installation to create WordPress websites immediately. 

8. SEO Friendly

Even the most experienced SEO professionals get troubled when there is a core update in Google’s algorithm. Almost all Google updates target low-quality websites and allows only competent parties to compete for high rankings in its SERP. Different WordPress SEO plugins make it easier for SEO professionals to embed the right meta headings, descriptions and optimize web pages for keywords and generate tangible results in search engine optimization.

9. Regular Updates

New updates are quite common in WordPress. From time-to-time, you get notifications from WordPress to update the CMS itself, plugins installed on the site, and the theme. The updated version of the CMS, themes, and plugins have more features and functionalities to protect the site from different types of online security threats.

10. Improved Marketing Solutions

With WordPress, it is easier to get new subscribers and generate more leads every day. There are excellent online marketing services (such as SumoMe) that allow you to show pop-up messages, collect email addresses, insert social networking buttons and create welcome messages in an easy way. It also facilitates SEO automation.

Concluding Remarks

It’s a fact that even today, only 53% of companies with small businesses have a website. 19% of them state that they do not have their own website in order to avoid unnecessary spending. But, they can start their business website that requires managing of HR, CR and Accounts at a price lower than $100 in WordPress.

Yes, WordPress has helped millions of people with a limited budget to get their dream website. Just draw a business plan and get started with WordPress to receive the ultimate success in a web-based eCommerce business. Best of Luck! Professional WordPress Development Companies can help you make a better decision in this regard. Seek their advice if you are totally new to the WordPress CMS.

This is a guest post by Jack Calder, a WordPress Developer, associated with Stellen Infotech. He has a lot of experience in developing custom WordPress Themes. And has delivered a numerous range of quality Websites related to WordPress. He has a strong passion for writing useful and insightful WordPress tips and tricks.

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