The Art of Getting Things Done With a Kanban Project Manager

The Art of Getting Things Done With a Kanban Project Manager

Over the years, task management in a company faces several challenges to keep the workflow in place. Companies nowadays are trying out a number of efficient tools to monitor and simplify the task workflow.

Kanban is a management technique developed in the 1950s by Taiichi Ohno, and it led to the creation of the Toyota Production System

When it comes to project management methodology, Kanban Board is one of the leading ones out there. Among the project managers, the popularity of using Kanban board in organizations has seen an exponential rise over the past few years. The system of Kanban board follows Agile Frameworks that are orchestrated to assist in the performance of a project and uplifts the team collaboration. Moreover, this ensures project completion on time while keeping a watch on latent bottlenecks.

But do you know how to properly utilize the Kanban board in a Project Manager? Any idea about its benefits and the essentiality of it in your organization? If not, then you are in luck. This post will discuss all that and more to help you employ Kanban Board project management the right way to yield the success that you were always looking for.

Uses & Benefits of Kanban Project Management

Kanban Board Project Manager

Kanban board is widely used by software makers or IT teams to visually manage their work. Over time, now even many business project managers are also adopting Kanban project management system to efficiently manage their projects smartly. So with Kanban board project management, you are able to:

  • Visually monitor the progress of your task
  • Help improve the communication level with your team members
  • Spontaneously identify the obstacles and allows to take action by removing them
  • Allow your team to self-organize the visual process & workflows
  • Energize your project in progress improving team collaboration

Not only these use cases, but Kanban board is also a perfect tool to assist your team to understand where the project or task stands. Moreover, this process of task workflow initiation helps your team become more productive than ever. More importantly, it reduces the stress level of your project managers caused due to the workload.

So utilizing the Kanban board the right way will help:

  1. Improve project manager’s efficiency
  2. Boost team collaboration
  3. Reduce workload & stress while managing projects
  4. Diminish waste inspiring overall team productivity

Managing Your Task With Kanban Board in a Project Manager

Ask anyone who has ever managed any project would easily apprehend the usefulness of using Kanban Board as the reliable source of team collaboration. So far we are quite sure to have established the importance, uses and benefits of Kanban Board.

Now let’s have a look at how Kanban Board in a project manager helps you add, organize and update your task.

As it is already an established fact that Kanban board in project manager actively streamlines the workflow of a task to be completed. With Kanban board, create your cards in seconds and move them by dragging and dropping them around the board to its desired position.

Task in Kanban board

Quickly get to add the task you create to the board by clicking on “Add New Task”. Select from the list of the task available to add in the Kanban board. Also, assign the task to a or group of users present on the board. Attach the due date for the completion of the task. Based on the progress of the task move around the task card to its desired section in the Kanban board.

Moreover, with an efficient project management tool with Kanban board option, a project manager can spend less time communicating status updates because the Kanban boards create transparency. Remote or on-spot team members are able to check the status of a project in real-time.

Kanban Board Overview

Now rather than spending hours each day on a less important task, the project manager now can focus on a task that is of top priority. Moreover, Kanban boards in project management will enable you to visualize the work in progress and allow you to identify the whereabouts of workflow barriers it has.

Organizations That Are Suitable for Kanban Project Management

One can easily assume that the methodology used for Kanban board project management is only appropriate for a particular set of field or people. Whereas, to tell you the truth, starting from streamlining the processes with better communication by using visuals, anyone can benefit from it.

It’s true though Kanban is basically used by teams and professional individuals in a wide range of settings such as software development companies, super shops, lines of car assembly and more.

So let’s find the organizations and the set of individuals that can be most benefited from this useful Kanban project management setups.

  • In law firms and for lawyers, Kanban is suitable for keeping track of their sensitive cases and its progress.
  • In software development firms to measure the workflow of programmers and the progress of their coding.
  • For salespeople and sales oriented company regulating their sales progress & process.
  • For school or university going students to manage their homework, assignments or projects.
  • Lastly, for anyone who wants their daily tasks or projects to organize them timely.

Implement Kanban Board the Right Way to Organize Task Better

Kanban Board

The best part of Kanban board is that it can scale up to the way you need it to fulfill the requirement of your company or organization. These boards can either be something really simple to critical. Though it is also true that, kanban board ideal for one team might not be the right fit for another. So choosing the right Kanban board to manage your task workflow needs to give proper emphasis on.

There are a number of different types of Kanban project manager available that can do the job for you. But finding the right project management tool that suits the need of your team can be challenging sometimes. In failure to find the right combination of using Kanban board with a proper project management tool can deny you from the benefit, you are supposed to receive from it.

WP Project Manager

To make the best use of your Kanban board to manage your task, one can simply use it with a compact yet useful project management tools like WP Project Manager. This feature-rich project manager with Kanban board extension fulfills all your task management needs. Not to mention making your workflow management easier than ever. To learn more about WP Project Manager & its Kanban board features, simply


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