Enhance your Small Business with WordPress ERP System

Enhance your Small Business with WordPress ERP System

Doing business has become much easier with the help of different solutions available on the market to solve most of your problems. You might say- ‘Business is business and it’s not easy’.

Yes, business is a serious thing. How about I give you some free tips to make things simple!

You face countless number of problems everyday and this makes you think business is not that easy. If you have proper planning, resources and a little bit of help from handy solutions, you can solve almost every problem.

In this case efficiency, productivity and systematic management is the key. An ERP system is the best suited solution for business owners to master the keys to success. If you are looking for such effective automated system for your business, WP ERP is the one you should keep an eye on. Along with free core modules (CRM, HRM and Accounting), it is offering new opportunities to make your business more efficient.

How to Power Up Your WP ERP with User Friendly Extensions

WP ERP is free to use, but you can enhance its capability with extensions. Recently, a new set of extensions have been added to the WP ERP arsenal. Now, you can easily manage and track your deals, increase efficiency and provide remuneration to your employees in a better way.

How to Power Up Your WP ERP with User Friendly Extensions

In today’s article, we shall discuss how you can make your business more efficient using these impressive extensions.

Manage your CRM Solution Even Faster with ERP Deals

When it comes to adopting a sales oriented approach for your contacts and maintain their deals, the best solution you can think of is the Deals extension of WP ERP. This solution boosts your CRM system and makes it the ultimate pipeline management tool. You can grow your business more as your deals are managed in an organized way. Here are some notable features that you get with this excellent solution.

Customizable Pipelines for your Deals

With Deals extension you can change the sales stages according to your requirement. You can turn the pipeline into your own customized approach of managing all of your deals and contacts.

Manage your CRM Solution Even Faster with ERP Deals

Deals works with your CRM Module Flawlessly

This powerful extension is designed specially for the CRM module so that revamping your pipeline become easier. You can use your contacts, companies and agents any time you want.

Bird’s Eye View of your Deals and Their Status

The Dashboard contains all the relevant and most important insights about your deals. You can view newly created deals along with the won and lost deals directly from the overview page. It also contains the progress bar of your deals and you can filter the chart based on pipeline, owners and time table.

Bird's Eye View of your Deals and Their Status using WPERP

Built-in Activity & Schedule Management System

WP ERP Deals allows you to create and assign activities to your CRM agents and contacts. When you create an activity, you can define- date, time, duration, notes, contact or company and deal information. Your CRM agent and you get notified when there is an upcoming activity. The activities are also available in the pipeline with notifications. You can mark activities as done when they are completed.

Built-in Activity & Schedule Management System in WPERP

There are built-in activity types available for you to use. You can also create new activities types and add icons according to your business requirements.

Track your Deals with Excellent Reporting Capabilities

The Deals extension has excellent reporting feature. It contains all required reports on the Overview page. There are multiple graphs and charts that portray the status of stages, activity progress and segmentation of your activities based on their types. There are also two independent lists showing the most recent open and won deals with brief details.

Track your Deals with Excellent Reporting Capabilities Using WPERP

Automate Your WP ERP Using Smart and Powerful Workflow Extension

Workflow Automation is an advanced extension for your WP ERP system. It offers you many handy features and save your time at the same time. You can also reduce the error margin to increase your productivity. This extension gives you the following enhancements.

Integrated with the Core Modules of WP ERP

Workflow perfectly works with CRM, HRM and Accounting modules. You can easily automate your WP ERP system with different useful events.

Trigger actions automatically based on events

You can create and trigger events using different actions. All you have to do is to set conditions for each of the events. When the conditions are met, events are automatically triggered. For example, you want to sent emails to the newly subscribed users. You can set conditions related to this for your CRM module and when a new user subscribes, they will receive an automated email.

Trigger actions automatically based on events using WPERP

Easy to understand interface

Workflow extension has a user friendly interface. You can view all the Workflow from a single page and also create new ones. The Workflow creation page is divided into segments including basic information, Trigger, Conditions and Actions. This makes things easier for you when you are automating your system.

Reduce Errors and Saves your Valuable Time

You can trigger events automatically by setting up conditions and actions. This greatly gives your enough time to work on critical parts of your business. Time is always valuable and you can make the best use of your time when you are effectively saving it. This also reduces that chance of making errors.

Reduce Errors and Saves your Valuable Time

Create  and Deploy Actions Based on Your Requirements

The Triggers can be defined by the modules of WP ERP and Email features. You can select a module and an event. Based on your choice, the Workflow extension gives you relevant conditions and finally actions that you can define to automate.

This makes your automation approach according to your requirements and you can always change them when required.

Create  and Deploy Actions Based on Your Requirements

Manage Your Employees’ Salary With Automatic Payroll System

Payroll is another handy extension for your WP ERP system. It helps you to manage your employee salaries and create dynamic calendars. These calendars are used to define your the compensation of your employees with basic pay, fixed amount payments and other payments according to your company policy.

Define Employee Remuneration and Other Payments

You can set up your employee profile from HR module and add payment related information from the Payroll tab. This tab enables when you have Payroll installed. You can set basic salary, allowance, deductions and other fixed amounts from here.

Define Employee Remuneration and Other Payments Using WPERP

Employee Tax & Payment Details

You can add your employees Tax Number, Tax Type, Tax Amount, Basic Pay, Bank Account Name & Number, Bank Name and also Payment Method directly on the employee profile page.

Bird’s Eye View of Payroll System and it’s Status

The overview page contains important information of your Payroll system. You can view total expenses, your pay calendars, their status, spending of the previous month, payroll history and also latest 5 pay run records. Using these insights you can get a quick idea about how your salary management system is doing.

Bird's Eye View of Payroll System and it's Status

Integrated with HRM and Accounting Modules

The Payroll system fetches the employee information from the HR Module and can also work with Accounting. You can set up specific account head for assets, salary reporting and Tax reporting which are of the Accounting part of your ERP system.

Automated Pay Calendars to Pay Employee Salaries

You can create and approve pay calendars for each of your employees and set up their basic pay. If payment information is already included in the HR module, the system will set them automatically. You can run these pay calendars by setting up dates. The calendars can also be unapproved, editted and removed if necessary.

Automated Pay Calendars to Pay Employee Salaries Using WPERP

Generate Reports and Salary Invoices

You can generate reports which greatly helps you to take important business decisions. Besides that, you can generate pay slips and print salary invoices for each of your employees.

Generate Reports and Salary Invoices Using WPERP

Let’s Sum up Our Findings

WP ERP is the first fully functional ERP system available for WordPress. Small and medium sized businesses can easily adopt this system as the core module are totally FREE. You can also take this advantage and power up your business, but you may still want some more functionalities. This is why you should consider these three extensions of WP ERP. As they are giving you enhanced capabilities of managing your business, why wouldn’t you take the challenge?

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