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The Art of Being Unique & Original (Creative Email Suggestions)

The Art of Being Unique & Original (Creative Email Suggestions)

How often do you send boring, purposeless conventional emails, only to find out almost zero interaction & click rate? The result you meet with it is similar every time you send regular emails without any purpose behind it. But nowadays, sending a creative & well-designed email containing relevant images, CTA’s, etc. has become a fabulous trend to attract audiences to serve several entities of the business.

Needless to say, sending emails is an imperative part of every business process nowadays. In order to present those emails in a creative fashion can make a huge difference when it comes to your email marketing success. So a proper emphasis should be given into preparing catchy emails that would grab the attention of your receiver.

How exactly you can entice your user with your creative emails? We will discover that in a bit. But before that let’s understand the kind of creative emails that can be sent to lure your audiences to serve your purpose.

Kinds of Creative Email to Send

Internet is full of tips, suggestions regarding creating the best-designed email for your email marketing campaigns. But do we know about the types of email that we generally send to build the trust of our users trying to retain them? Well, here are the 6 basic kinds of email/newsletter that we business people usually send to our clients.

  • Welcoming
  • Nurturing
  • Release updates
  • Promotional & Sales
  • Payment & Shipping confirmation
  • Observable

Suggested Creative Emails that actually worked

For Welcome Emails


This email is the very first impression that your brand makes from customers. Mostly used to say a friendly hello to connect with the new on-boarded client in order to encourage them to interact more with the product or service. This sort of email should be clear, actionable and more importantly informative. A proper example of an on-boarding email looks more or less like the one shared below.

welcome emails

Get Started/User Guide

The sole purpose of such email should be to introduce your product/service and to give the new user a brief guideline of how they can easily get started with it. So therefore the email should contain all the necessary content that clearly describes and carries the product user tips along with complete guideline or setup instruction.

Source: Getvero

For Nurturing Emails


This is one of the most common way of keeping all your subscribers, users and customers updated with anything new that is happening with your company, product or services. You should share anything that would bring value and is interesting for the audiences. You should also use a catchy subject line as this would improve the open rate of such emails.

Source: Campaignmonitor

For Release & Updates Emails

New Product Release/Update

This kind of email is basically sent to create hype around the newly released product or any updates among its existing or potential new users. The email should have a clear message of what is new and what is coming next in the updates or as a new release. It should also highlight all the new and unique features to generate curiosity among all receivers.

Source: AutoMizy

For Promotional/Sales Emails

Holiday/Festival Deals

Offering free gifts, discounts, coupon, etc. are the main attraction of these emails. These emails are normally sent targeting the holiday & festival season like Christmas, Black Friday, Thanks Giving, etc. The email should be created as colorful and festive like as possible stating all the deals, discounts and promotions you are offering. The conversion rate of these emails is the highest of all kinds of email that are sent all around the year.

Source: Constantcontact

Offer/Deal Announcement

Discount or sale offered on account of any internal occasion is done through such email. This announcement email should have clear mention of the occasion for the sale being offered. The wordings should be chosen in a way that it reflects the whole idea of the offerings covering the total concept of its purpose.

Source: HelloSubcription

For Payment/Shipping Confirmation Emails

Payment/Order Receipt

This is a very important email that every customer expects after they purchase any goods or services. So making sure these order confirmation emails are sent as precisely as possible mentioned every detail of the transaction and order values. This increases the trust level of the customer knowing the order is being placed accurately as per their demand.

Source: Customer.io

Shipping Status

Just like the order receipt email, letting the customer know about the shipping status of their ordered item in an email is highly expected. The email should contain all the basic detail of the product & delivery as well as an option to track their shipment. Make sure to design the email as simple and innovative as possible.

Source: Reallygoodmails

For Observable/Occasional Emails


Whether it is for a bug in your software or for a security breach or sending the wrong product by mistake, communicating with the customer regarding any such mishaps is never easy. But an apology email gives you the chance of having a healthy conversation and help maintain that good relationship with the customer. In a normal situation, a simple but creative apology email can potentially redeem the lost faith in your company for your customers. So make sure to show how sorry you are for the mistake after explaining clearly what and why this situation has occurred. If possible offer a little discount on their next purchase. Present the email in a creative manner asking for forgiveness promising this won’t happen again.

Source: Pinterest

Cart Abandonment

Email sent after a potential customer abandoned the cart brings in a good number of conversion. So giving emphasis on creating a creative cart abandonment email is really important. Through your abandoned cart email, you need to make sure your recipients are well engaged, you are providing enough value to encourage them to take action through it. Arrange the image & content in a way, so that the customers get inspired to complete their abandoned cart. Something like the abandoned cart email shown here.

Source: Fieldbloom

More Examples of Situational Emails

Request for Review

Nowadays the success of your product sale and business depends highly on the reviews of your clients. If your customer gives a bad review of your product then try to take it positively to improve it in the future. These review email need to be sent timely. The best time would be if you can send it as soon as the product is purchased. It is always better to include a review link in the email. And make it as simple as possible for your customer to review it. Most importantly use personalization and keep it short. Lastly, do miss the opportunity to offer some value in exchange for asking their time for the review by attaching a coupon or discount deal to tempt them to buy something.

Source: Pinterest

Birthday/Anniversary Deals

Everyone wants to feel special and enjoy free gifts on their birthday’s or anniversaries. So sending a birthday/anniversary email wishing them with some good deals or discounts always gives you the chance to win over the heart & loyalty of those clients. So a creative email such as the ones featured below could just get your job done of closing more sales. But always make sure your email is all about trying to make them feel special. Personalize the email content as much as possible. Highlight the offer or discount you have for their birthday’s more than anything else in the email. This will catch the attention of the customer quicker.

Source: Sendpulse

For Situational Emails

Product or Merchandise Suggestions/Recommendations

An email with various product suggestions is known to help improve the average order amount. It also improves the click-through rate and conversion from email marketing. Try to create the email predicting the nature of customer’s likings, interest and what they might want to buy next. A good example of a product suggestion email would look something like the one demonstrated below.

Source: Rejoiner

Customer Loyalty/Appreciation

Suppose you have a number of loyal subscribers, clients in your email list. Wouldn’t they be pleasantly surprised if you send an email appreciating their loyalty towards you? So the main purpose of sending such email is to express your gratitude for being by your side always. This will totally strengthen their relationship with your brand, boosting customer loyalty. It is advised to send at least one customer appreciation email each year and a preferred time for it could be around the time of Thanks Giving. Your email should state how grateful you are to have them with you and how valuable their support means to you. And then boldly highlight the discounts or coupon you have planned for them. This would certainly make them feel special & honoured and might as well encourage them to use the discount coupon to buy something.

Source: MailBakery

Bonus Tips: Things to keep in mind before sending your email

Ok so now you know how & what are the types of creative emails that you can send. But is it all you need to get success with your email view and click rate? In order to close more sales through such email, here are a few tips that could work like wonders. Check out these five basic yet useful tips that if followed properly could help you close more sales in the long run.

Design well but choose your words better

What is the first thing that you get to see in a sent email? Its the subject of it right? So it is highly essential that you choose the right word for your email subject line. Also, A/B test different subjects in the email to find out the one that gets a better open rate.

Always stay ahead of your game

Now with the smartphone features of the first few words of the email subject being displayed on to the notification bar, the importance of personalizing the subject-line is even more important. For your audience, whether they would continue to read the email will mostly depend on how engaging was the content on the email preview really was. Getting to generate enough curiosity plays a critical role in making them click the email and eventually read it. So you need to make sure you know something anomalous about them or their company to grab their attention right away. As if the email is just a regular one, then there is a 100% chance that they will delete it without even thinking twice.

Picking the right time to send emails

An experiment shows, that the email sent on Saturdays and Sundays get a higher open rate compared to the other days of the week. This means you need to rethink about the timing of your creative marketing emails that you send to your subscribers.

Easy questioning to engage audiences is a good ploy

The sole purpose of your sent email is not just to directly close the sale but to have a conversation that can lead to a sale. So, therefore, ending every email with an engaging question can be a good idea in this regards. You can start by asking them simple and quick questions like ” What is the biggest challenge you face facing in your business right now?” or What kind of solution and service do you expect from us?. Asking such questions is more likely to get a response as you have tried to engage with them personally.

Finally, use the right email marketing tool

The email marketers are often left in the dark when they don’t really have any idea of open rate of their sent emails. But all thanks to the latest technology of email marketing tools that enable anyone to find out when the potential clients have opened the sent emails. And now that you already know when they have opened your email, so you can easily retarget them with a follow-up email or call. There are some awesome email marketing tools like MailChimp, Mailpoet, etc. that can totally change your email marketing experience in no time. 

Be Innovative to Get Success with your Creative Emails

WP ERP Creative Email Suggestions

Sending emails is still the best possible way to collect information from your customers as well as to make sales by retargeting them. So why not put in a little extra effort into creating some creative email for best result.

Quite clearly, there are countless other email examples that we could have featured as to describe the most creative emails out there. But the ones mentioned here are the ones that you can start sending right away. As these are all basic types of emails that we send every day to our customers to increase our sales and stay connected with them. More importantly, these emails are easy, simple yet elegant that can surely sweep any audience off their feet.

Returning to You

Though it is true that at the end of the day, it is not just about having emails that are only visually appealing, rather it should also carry certain value for each of its receivers. Depending on the type of emails you are sending, always try to send emails that offer vital information to the audiences presenting it to them in the most suitable format possible. As a beautifully designed email is of no use, if it doesn’t really produce any value for its reader.

If you have already made it this far, then you have probably enjoyed this piece of creative email suggestion content. So as per the suggested emails, why don’t you start taking action and implement similar emails for every stage of your business goals & email marketing drill? We are hopeful once you execute these emails to its right purpose and customize them according to your business prospects, then having a rise in your sales is inevitable.

Did I miss out on any type of other creative emails that should be in this list? If yes, then why don’t you share them in the comments section below.

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