How to Write Better Titles & Taglines For Your WordPress Site

How to Write Better Titles & Taglines For Your WordPress Site

There are billions of active websites with new ones being launched every day. Each of them appeals to customers through graphics and content. These two domains are the fastest growing ones when it comes to website development.

Thus, the general truth is that content really matters in today’s world. In order to attract readers to have a look at your website and information you post, you need to develop an attention-grabbing title and taglines.

This task is not that easy as it may seem at first sight. When there is so much different content, you might be overwhelmed by the growing competition. Writing an eye-catching title often requires the author to think twice or even ask for a second opinion to ensure that it would have an immediate and correct impact on readers.

It is a good idea to stop and think what titles and taglines really mean. It is clear that they are important, but many people are still hesitant about defining a tagline. Both of these terms serve to communicate the essence of your site.

Why You Should Consider Writing Smart Titles or Taglines

The title and tagline will tell your visitors what you are doing and help them decide whether they need it. If they are empty or poor, you are at risk of losing many of your visitors.

Thus, through titles and taglines, you communicate with the audience and send the first important message: what you do to interest them.

In short, the title is a short way to describe the main purpose of your site. The title helps in differentiating your website from millions of others and makes it unique. This is how your website will be recognized among the audience. The tagline is different as it complements the title.

It completes the context of the title providing more information on your subject. It can further be used for advertising slogans or other purposes to target a greater audience.

In this post, we are going to discuss the ways to improve your titles and taglines on the WordPress platform that can positively affect your website and promote your brand among clients.

Ideal WordPress taglines and titles that will be optimized for search engines can make your text stand out from a massive of other articles. Here is a to-do list that can help you:

How to Choose The Right Website Title

Choosing the right website title can be as difficult as coming up with a name for your own brand. It should be easy to pronounce, definitive and interesting for the client. Your title is the first impression your audience will have about you and your website.

The best site titles should stem from your brand: this is how people recognize you from a myriad of your competitors.

The main rule is to define your goals for the site. If you launch a personal blog, start an e-commerce store, a non-profit organization or other activity, your title should respond to this goal. Thus, choosing the right title is always easier when you know the main goal of what you do.

how to write a title in WordPress

If you still find it difficult to find the right word combination, you can try different tips that could help you come up with possible names. You can address specialist from the web, it’s not so difficult meeting them in today’s one village world.

Collect several adjectives or phrases that describe your business and play with the possible options. You can try to misspell or invent words that would cover your main goal and add some pun to make the audience laugh.

Also, you can use a word generator or a thesaurus to find some inspiration online.

Your goal and your website’s purpose should always be in the center of your attention. You can invent something odd for your personal blog, but if you create an e-commerce store, your title should be easy to understand for a larger audience.

If your website is your online portfolio, it is a good idea to use your name to promote your services. Such a choice provides you with an opportunity to start your personal branding.

Create Excellent Taglines

how to write a tagline

The tagline is as tricky as the website title. Maybe even more. You need to come up with a characteristic that would sum up your main goal in a concise way. It should stick to the point but also be easy to memorize.

It is always a good idea to use a play on words or alliteration to make your audience remember what you try to pass on to them. However, the best taglines for WordPress will include a concise description of your site’s content for your audience to know what to expect.

Thus, your tagline is just as important as your title, and you should pay attention to its creation.

An Ideal Tagline will:

  • Add context to your title, expanding the main goal of the website;
  • Grab the attention of the audience to your main purposes;
  • Set the tone of the content you are going to post;
  • Contain the most important keywords that will make your site show up in search engine requests.

You may have the most creative title that would communicate the idea of your blog or website, but without a tagline, it is likely to get buried under a mass of other websites created on a daily basis.

Without a tagline, you risk not getting proper attention from your targeted audience.

Your Tagline is Pure Marketing:

It adds uniqueness to your proposition. This is the way to tell your visitors how you are going to benefit them by answering the question of what you offer. If you manage to come up with something relevant to the majority of them, be sure they would visit your website.

There are a few tips that would make your tagline perfect:

Keep Your Tagline Concise

no one would spend their time thinking about what you meant in your tagline. Make it simple and target-oriented instead of too creative and hard to understand. It should fit your audience and answer the question of what you offer to people.

The ideal threshold is 60 characters because this is usually the amount which is displayed in the search engines.

Do not Repeat Your Title

Your tagline should be completely different from the words you chose for your title. It should deepen the message you send to your audience and strengthen the benefit your offer to people

how to engage with customers

Make It Catchy and Attention-grabbing

Try to be unique and say something that makes you stand out from other bloggers, sellers, organizational leaders, etc. You need to spend your time researching on what words to use and how to develop a catch and unique phrase.

Your tagline should express something that would define you and your voice, making your position in the industry more recognizable.

Your tagline is important for making your content visible to your audience. Without it, it will not be visible online. You may not even notice how taglines affect your choice of the link when you search something in the search engine.

The title does not play such an important role because it is normally supported by a good tagline.

The keywords used in the tagline place your request high in the list of search results. The better your tagline is, the higher are the chances that your website will be visited.

How WordPress Helps to Write Smart Title & Tagline

WordPress has developed a variety of tools that help you set the title and taglines as well as to customize them. The way they appear on your web page also affect visitors, so you need to spend enough time to make this area visually appealing.

You can customize your website title in terms of font, size, location, and colors. Moreover, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin that helps you set the title and tagline to maximize their use for SEO.

Yoast SEO- how to write a title

In other words, developing the right title and tagline is a difficult and time-consuming thing to do.

However, they are the first things your visitors see when they seek information; actually, they motivate people to visit your page. Thus, titles and taglines are directly responsible for generating good traffic on your website.

Ready to Write SEO-friendly Title and Tagline?

The content and information you share are also very important, but your title and taglines are still the things that catch attention. By using taglines tactically, everyone can significantly expand the audience.

Therefore, do not hesitate to conduct research and spend some time thinking about the right title and tagline for your WordPress site.

This post is written by Nicole Cowart. She is a freelance journalist at who has built her entire career publishing personal opinions on the world’s most important events. She started her personal blog on WordPress and subsequently progressed with it using new tools and technologies.

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  1. Sometimes its hard to find longer tagline for some articles. Almost all titles are written as if something great is happening on that page. Words get meaningless every day. Thanks for the article.

  2. Hi Yilmaz
    I agree with you that sometimes its really hard to find longer tagline but it could be great if you prefer what you are going to deliver and for whom. Its better to ignore what & how your competitors are doing their job. We can’t create something new every time but can easily differentiate and that’s the basic point.
    Thank you for sharing your valuable thought. Have a good day!


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