A guide to WooCommerce Conversion Tracking for modern-day entrepreneurs

A guide to WooCommerce Conversion Tracking for modern-day entrepreneurs

Tracking customer data is one of the most significant things for today’s marketers. To ensure your desired results, it’s a must and there is no chance to ignore it.

In the manual process, you may see lots of marketing agencies collect data from the people going door to door. They gather data, take complements, manage them and try to improve the quality of their products and services.

You know it’s a very long process and requires really a huge budget. If you are not getting your customer data that means you are doing your marketing blindly. There is another challenge- many business owners or agencies that collect data but don’t know how to deal with. They spend time-effort-money but don’t get the outcome.

Nowadays, every marketing agency or company is applying various marketing tactics to stay in the race.

At present, people are relying on the WordPress platform. Because it’s easy to use, manage and also cost reducing. So many startup businessmen utilizing WordPress. If you one of them and want to run an eCommerce business with WordPress, you need to have a suitable tool that can help to track the conversion rate of your customer.

In that case, the WooCommerce conversion tracking tool will not only track your customer but also help you run successful ad campaigns by giving you 100% accurate information.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of this tool. Let’s get started.

Conversion tracking is a process to get the records of customer behavior especially from the digital campaign, changing design and other processes. -Sproutsoical

Importance of Conversion Tracking in eCommerce

Tracking conversions is a vital issue to convert your webpage views into sales. Whatever you are counting progress as sales or business leads, or even any positive interactions from social media.

Importance of conversion tracking

If you are not spending time in tracking your customer, then you are missing some important data that can help you to increase your sales.

Without tracking conversions is like driving car without knowing destination. If you invest in counts then tracking should be the part of your business strategies –Divine Rizardo

If you can track your customer activities, your chances of getting more visitors or customers and creating more conversion will raise. And that is why you need WooCommerce conversion tracking tool for your WordPress shop.

What is WooCommerce Conversion Tracking?

WooCommerce conversion tracking is a WordPress plugin that helps to record data of your visitors while you running Ads on various digital ad platforms.

If you are an owner of a marketplace like an eCommerce website then it will be very promising for you.

And you can easily get all the data from Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter or other platforms with the help of WooCommerce conversion tracking. You can track who is adding your products to cart, who are purchasing them and also who are registering to your site.

Why WooCommerce conversion tracking is essential?

A large portion of the conversion tracking solutions for WordPress out there just shows you information that is not the ROI positive as far as remarketing for your business.

You won’t be able to sell any product to the customer who erroneously visited your site from a basic Google search. Retargeting them using advertisement platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc will just squander your money.

What will Get

Utilizing WooCommerce conversion tracking tool you can get the following information about your customer which helps you to get prepared for the next step.

  • Number of conversions
  • People who visit your website regularly
  • Who viewed your particular product page
  • The time duration of a customer on your store
  • People who searched for something on your store
  • Know the CPA (Cost Per Aquisition)
  • The bounce rate of your website
  • The clicks on the destination page
  • Know about session duration
  • And more

So there are huge facilities you will get with the WooCommerce conversion tracking plugin on your website.

Getting Started with WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

To get into the settings,

click Dashboard> WooCommerce < WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

Then you will get an interface like this.

WooCommerce conversion tracking requires WooCommerce

From here you can activate your tracking integration.

It is a solitary module that joins every one of your pixels and occasions under one rooftop. While others do this by executing pixels for each page.

Simultaneously, different solutions don’t offer the basic UI and UX that WooCommerce Conversion Tracking offers. It can even assist you with generating improved WooCommerce transformation information reports Made.

You truly need to produce a report for your business in the event that you need to extend it more distant than. This module can assist you with enabling progressed datasets you should get a more top to bottom outline how everything is continuing for your site.

Learn more about WooCommerce conversion tracking and how it can help you face the conversion tracking challenge.

Supported Integration with WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Custom Tracking

Pro features in WooCommerce conversion tracking

Tracking Facebook Ads with WCT

This section is about how to track WooCommerce Conversions with Facebook.

With the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking for WordPress, you able to track many Facebook Events, such as:

  • Add To Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete Registration
  • View Product
  • View Product Category
  • Search Product
  • Add To Wishlist

This section will help you to set up Facebook for WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

To add the Facebook conversion to your website explore the video below.

Setup Facebook pixel conversion

Google Ads Data Tracking

Retarget your visitors and customers better inside the Google Ad system utilizing the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking module. Send customer information straightforwardly to the Google Adwords server from your WooCommerce store.

Run better promotions battles by focusing on the correct clients.

You must know how to add Google Adwords conversion tracking to your website.

The following tutorial will guide you to:

  1. How to up Google AdWords Account ID
  2. How to integrate Google AdWords Events

Now you can add Google ads metrics to your website. Experience the full process:

Tracking Twitter User Data

In this part, you will know how to set up and track Twitter paid ads conversions for your WooCommerce site.

With the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking for WordPress, you can track significant Twitter Events:

  • Add To Cart
  • Purchase
  • Registration

Tracking Custom Platforms

The custom platform is very significant. If you want to add other social media platforms with the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking custom platform is another best option. The technique to design other social media platforms is the same. We accept that you need to arrange Facebook physically. Be that as it may, how might you do it?

Here is the full video tutorial, give a check.

Firstly, it’s not enough for you to set up an online store and wait for generating sales. As we discussed above that you have to work hard to get a proper response from your customers.

Why WooCommerce Conversion Tracking is more Reliable than other Solutions?

Conversion tracking
Woo-commerce conversion tracking

Comparing to other solutions, the WooCommerce conversion tracking tool is accepting by many users. Having used in over 20,000+ eCommerce solutions, 120,600+ downloads and 20+ active conversion events this plugin is creating an impact in the market.

So using WooCommerce conversion tracking you may have some useful benefits. And these factors make the WooCommerce conversion tracking more reliable and unique than the other solutions.

We are giving some facts.

  • It’s 100% secure and easy to use
  • Track eCommerce business
  • Helps to know product performance
  • Opportunity to improve product and service quality
  • Opportunity to improve ad campaign through it
  • Effective marketing reports
  • Increase ROI from paid ads
  • Easy and secure retargeting process
  • Affordable price

What Customers Say about WooCommerce Conversion Tracking?

Considering customer reviews and their opinion we are working to improve its quality. For its power and user-friendly interface, it’s becoming more popular.

Customers from all around the world are using the WooCommerce conversion tracking plugin and at the same time, they are appreciating it for its easy use opportunity. Here we are giving some satisfactory notes from them.

You can check more customer reviews from this link.

Getting Success with WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Tool

Let’s talk a bit about how you can meet success using woo-commerce conversion tracking tool and what you should do.

  • Choose a specific business goal
  • Identify the funnel
  • Enable conversion tracking
  • Pick and analyze data
  • Retarget according to your data

An entrepreneur can not ignore these facts. And if you can give enough emphasis on these points, the win will be your’s at the end of the day.


After all, you may acknowledge the usability of WooCommerce conversion tracking. And how it’s emerging in the online platforms to explore new facilities.

So if you want to make your online store really remarkable in this competitive age then grab WooCommerce conversion tracking for your website now.

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