How to create high converting landing pages with Happy Elementor Addons

How to create high converting landing pages with Happy Elementor Addons

A landing page is a center of an eye for any website and the most visited part by the users. As many visitors interact on this page, therefore, you should give proper time to design your website’s landing page with an advanced landing page builder.

In this article, we’ll show how to create a landing page that will help to convert your eCommerce website customer into sales especially for an eCommerce website.

Why landing page is Important For Generating Leads?

Landing page builder
Customer getting services from landing page

The importance of landing pages is noteworthy and there is no doubt. You as a business owner must know the overall aspects of landing pages.

Do you know? More than 68% of the B2B business uses their landing pages to generate leads for future conversion. Yes, you are hearing the right. Therefore, there is no other way to deny landing pages of your website if you really want success.

So further any delay let’s discuss how landing pages help to generate leads.

  • It supports your business sales
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Generates Data and insights
  • Improves paid search campaigns
  • Grows your email lists
  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Its total distraction-free

These are the main things you should know about the landing page.

The Best Landing Page Builder in WordPress: Why We Prefer Elementor

Landing page builder
Landing Page Builder

You can find different types of landing page builders on the web. Though you can design your landing page with them. But you have to choose the right one that will help to make your designing task easier.

In that case, the Elementor page builder is a well-known and well-recognized page builder to all WordPress ecosystems. With the Elementor page builder, you can create such a stunning design that you never think.

That’s why users are preferring the Elementor Page builder in every designing case. And also it’s estimated that the Elementor page builder will surely climb up to the top page builder in near future.

And the most amazing part is, Elementor Page Builder can also be worked with an eCommerce platform and supported by WooCommerce.

Okay now, let’s know how Elementor facilitates to make any designs with ease.

So using the Elementor Page builder you can easily create the entire website yet landing page whether you have development skills or not. Also, integrating popular Addons like, Happy Addons with Elementor could make the website designing task enjoyable.

How To Design Landing Pages With Elementor And HappyAddons

As we discussed above, the landing page is the most visited place for any website so you have to design it carefully. Considering this matter we’ll show an easy way so that you can design an eCommerce website’s landing page.

Let’s get started.

Requirements to Design High Converting Landing Pages

In Envato Elements you can easily find all types of templates, photos, blocks, and other cool stuff. It can be worked like the booster for Elementor. So you can try it.

You’ll need a header for your landing page. (Give a check to know the instruction on how to design a header. You can also design footer by following this)

Let assume you already installed both the Elementor Page builder and Happy Addons.

Step 1: Getting into The Landing Page

  • Navigate to WP-Admin>Pages>Add New Page
Landing page builder
Adding a page
  • Give a Title>Select Full Elementor Canvas>Save as draft>Edit with elementor
Landing page builder
Adding page title
  • In the 1st section, you can add different types of blocks.
  • 2nd section will give you Elementor resources where you’ll have header, footer, templates and other amazing stuff.
  • In the 3rd section, you’ll get Envato elements like header, footer, price list, banners, and more.
  • Clicking on the 1st “Red” button you’ll get different structures if you want to design from the manually.

Step 2: Adding a Template

You can do it in two ways. You can choose the Elementor Core feature or Envato Elements features. We selected the Elementor built-in feature for this tutorial.

  • After entering into the Elementor library click on the pages. As we want to create a landing page.
Landing page builder
Elementor Library
  • Next, choose the template that you want. We selected the marked one.
landing page builder WordPress
Choosing templates from the library
  • Next, click on the “Insert Button”. It will appear on your page. Then you just need to design it according to your business.
How to Insert Template
Inserting Template

Step 3: Adding a Footer

Footer is the most important part of any website. The reason is, people find something very important information from here, for example, contact info, address, a short overview of the company’s services, etc. So you have to be very careful while designing the footer. And using a landing page builder like Elementor along with Happy Addons, your 50% hassles will be gone.

  • To add a footer click on the Envato Elements Icon.
Adding a footer
Adding a footer
  • After clicking on the Envato elements you’ll get this window. Then navigate to blocks>then select footer
Adding a footer
  • Next, click on “Add Block To Page”. Then it will be directly added to your footer sections.
  • Then your footer section will look like this one.

4th and Final Step

So you have a header, template and a footer for your landing page. And the landing page will look like this.

Your entire landing page

Note: In this tutorial blog, we discussed, how you can easily design a landing page within 5 minutes using a built-in template from Elementor and Envato Elements.

Beginner tips:- How to use Elementor in WordPress

Bonus: Integrating Your eCommerce Site with WordPress ERP

WordPress ERP

WordPress ERP Plugin is the all-in-one solution to turn your business into a full-fledged ERP system If you are running a big organization, WP ERP can be very effective in terms of managing your Projects, Accounts, Customer Relationships, and Human resources, etc.

That is the reason, it is critical for your business to discover and support abilities, care for employees, and give performance increment to the employees who deserve the most.

Dealing with this entire procedure can be an extreme activity if not managed right. That’s why WP ERP solutions become an integral factor. So integrating with your website to WP ERP will be the best and wise choice for you.

Without making hesitation.

Before Ending

Landing pages are very important for a website and there is no doubt about it. The more you take time to make it beautiful, the better it will bring the outcomes.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the post. Try to implement Happy Addons on your website and follow the steps carefully. Let’s know if you face any type of issues. We’ll try our best to solve that.

However, if you’re still not using any landing page builder for your WordPress site, it’s high time that you should go for it.

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