Boost Up Your Team Productivity with a Faster WordPress Collaboration Plugin

Boost Up Your Team Productivity with a Faster WordPress Collaboration Plugin

Have you ever faced any new challenges while trying to improve team performance?

No wonder that you’ve faced it because that’s one of the common adversities every manager must face. The situation is quite the same from the perspective of employees because they also experience some different obstacles while working on a project and managing their personal tasks.

So what can make a change and solve the problem for both of them?

Surely a perfect project management tool.

That’s what we’re going to discuss today and show some effective features of Project Manager Pro that will definitely boost up your team productivity, enhance the performance scope.

What is a WordPress Collaboration Plugin

wordpress cpllaboration and project management tool

A collaboration tool refers to the facility that team members will get while working together. Using such tools, the team members can be in the same place virtually to share thoughts, discuss project issues.

But if you want something that not only facilitates collaborating rather manages all the team members, organizes the projects and documents and accelerates the managerial process is called project management software.

Shortly, project management software is diversified with collaboration functionalities where a collaboration tool only focuses on collaboration. And with a WordPress collaboration plugin, everything is easier and cost-friendly.

wordpress collaboration tool

If you are a professional who manages a synergistic team and maintains a chunk of works there is no better option other than having a project management tool.

Benefits of Collaboration Software for Your Business

Every company suffers from keeping the team members on the same board. And which is why the team experiences a lack of communication. When you are a project manager you always have struggled with this.

If we concentrate on this fact, you might see that these can eventuate a great failure for the projects and project managers.

But with a collaborative or project management tool the scenario can be different and turbocharge the team productivity.

collaboration software benefits

There are also some other issues that a collaborative project management system can solve such as customer satisfaction, project success, reporting, document sharing, etc.

Get Introduced with Updated Wordpress Project Manager Pro

WP Project Manager V2.3.3 comes with some fascinating updates and it’s super fast now that will supercharge a team as well as will improve team productivity. It has got a new user interface that will be easy for users to use.

You will get not only the better speed and user interface in this update rather some features updates in the Summary report, Kanban board, My task and, Subtasks.

Now let’s see how the new Project manager looks like.

The New Summary Report

WP Project Manager makes it easy to generate different types of reports in focusing on six parameters; Overdue Tasks, Complete Task, User Activities, Project Task, Task by Milestone, Unassigned tasks and Summary report.

As a manager, With the help of a summary report, you can see each projects’ summary and progress instantly. Not only that, but it’s also easy to filter out your summary report with different attributes such as different user reports, all user reports, all project summary, task list summary, etc.

report of wordpress project manager
Summary Dashboard

All these filter attributes are from previous versions but in V2.3.3 we have included two more filter attributes “Project vs User and User vs Project”.

Project vs user will show which user spent how long in their assigned projects and tasks. User vs Project gives you the graphical information on how many users have spent their time on a single project. That means this will show the overview of a single project.

faster wordpress collaboration tool

When you choose the project vs user option, you will get an interactive graphical report like the below.

measure project progress
wordpress collaboration tool for report

If you want the details explanation of the charts then just hover over the graph and see the details from the tooltip.

Updated My Task Field

With our updated and faster WP Project Manager, you will be able to manage tasks easier than ever.

In the current task, users will see an overview of all assigned tasks and can filter out instantly with attributes like project types, task title, task status. And in the overview section, you will get the visualization of current, outstanding and completed tasks.

productivity software user dashboard

The activity section shows all the tasks activity with changed date and time and in the task tab, an employee can see all the tasks in ascending and descending order.

For the employees, to create a new task, they don’t need to go to individual projects rather can add directly from the user profile.

best project management software

How Collaboration Tool Creates Impact on Team Productivity

Mostly 86% of the employees cite that the project failure happens for the lack of effective collaboration among teammates.

Collaboration tools for business

From this, we can be assured that project management software is a must having a tool to boost up team productivity. Because it makes easy the communication problems and time management procedure among teammates.

Another benefit is that the project manager ensures a shared task calendar, easy scheduling, and planning so employees get up to date about their work and you will see the change in team productivity.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Collaboration Plugin

Undoubtedly a collaborative project management software can help improve the project ecosystem of a team. This discipline will assist a project manager from the project sprint to the entire project with all its fascinating features.

Now, wouldn’t you still want to boost up the team productivity?

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