Best Asana Alternatives (Project Management Tools)

Best Asana Alternatives (Project Management Tools)

For any project manager, dealing with multiple projects and tasks manually is a daunting task. This is exactly where the notion of project management software comes into play!

If you have already managed projects using a software management tool, you probably know the name of the ASANA project management software. Due to its broad spectrum of usage, it has gained immense popularity.

Though it is one of the best project management tools out there, it is certainly not the best of all! There are so many other project management solution alternatives that can be equally strong in many ways.

Now, let’s go over some of the best Asana alternatives as project management tools and help you choose the best one for you!

WP Project Manager

best Asana alternatives

If you are already a WordPress website owner, you can manage your projects in a much easier way than you might think. The WP Project Manager has a free and pro version to scale up with your growing needs.

It has already more than 9000 active installations. Thus, if you are using this tool, you will never feel stranded because there are plenty of users already harnessing this tool.

With the free version, you can create projects, create tasks, set milestones, and so many more. You can also create as many role-based users as you want. With this tool, you can do the following:

  • Unlimited tasks and setting recurring tasks
  • Edit and stylize messages
  • Interactive calendar
  • Built-in private messenger
  • See the progress bar on the list
  • Set the start and end date of the project
  • Assign messages and task lists to milestone
  • Upload all files in one place and create folders for files
  • Link messages and task lists with files. Make files private
  • Set user permission for each project
  • Frontend projects and discussions
  • Automatic daily digest mail
  • Advanced filters for reports

Here are some Addons and Modules to give you advanced facilities

  1. Time Tracker (add-on)
  2. Sub Task (add-on)
  3. Invoice (add-on)
  4. Kanban Board (add-on)
  5. Gantt Chart (add-on)
  6. WooCommerce Order (add-on)
  7. BuddyPress (add-on)
  8. Stripe Gateway (add-on)


best Asana alternatives

Workzone is another great alternative to Asana. It’s comparable to Asana not just for its power but it gives you the same user-friendliness as Asana provides. It’s lightweight and not as clumsy as Microsoft Project.

It can do more than Asana does. For example, it can show a portfolio view of all projects, Gantt charts, task dependencies, and last but not least better reporting.

With this project management tool, your users can easily and quickly onboard. They can collaborate by sharing files and documents. As a result, you will be able to save valuable time by not having extra meetings.

With Workzone, you can:

  • Save time with premade templates.
  • Get individual, personalized to-do lists.
  • Assign people to multiple tasks.
  • Prioritize projects.
  • Visualize projects from start to finish with Gantt charts
  • Set permissions for certain users to access projects, tasks, and files
  • Measure time and resources


best Asana alternatives

Though Trello has limitations in estimation, budget, and dependencies, it can be a great alternative to Asana. It is easily distinguishable from the other project management tools due to its distinctively clean Kanban board design.

In Trello, each project is shown as a “board” and the board is divided into “Lists” and “Cards”. Like the Kanban board of the WP Project Manager, cards can be dragged and dropped among lists regardless of their different stages.

The tool is mobile responsive and you can experience a seamless transition between desktop and mobile devices. What’s more interesting is that you can create cards via email.

You may also like to check out some other reliable project management tools that could be a good alternative to Trello.


best Asana alternatives

Whether you are dealing with large projects or small projects, Wrike should be the near-perfect match for you. Interestingly, it has more sophisticated and futuristic tools when compared to Asana.

Wrike will help the manager gain more control over their respective projects with more visibility throughout the different levels of a project.

Unfortunately, Wrike lacks high-level tools for reporting and statistics, workflow, and resource management, as agile project managers frequently need them.

However, Wrike will step up your project management, featuring budgeting and planning tools. This tool also comes with a free version.


best Asana alternatives

If your organization is large and you are in search of an alternative to Asana, then Clarizen can be the ideal step up. It ships with task and sub-task features that can handle any complex project.

To talk about its most useful feature, every project, conversation, and task is interlinked, enabling managers to navigate across different sub-projects, tasks, and team leaders or individual users. It also comes with features that are unavailable with Asana. They are:

  • risk management,
  • budget tracking, and
  • billable/non-billable work items

You can also explore its features by using the tool’s free trial version.


best Asana alternatives

If you are looking for an all-in-one robust work management software, nothing can beat Scoro. It comes with a fleet of useful features such as:

  • Project Planning
  • Time tracking,
  • Contact management, and
  • Billing.

With Scoro, you can manage your projects by creating sub-tasks, using deadlines, billing your work, customer relationship management, team calendars, quoting, and invoicing with pre-set templates.


best Asana alternatives

JIRA is aimed at technical users, especially those geared towards developers. If you are running IT projects, it can be a better solution compared to ASANA.

It provides technical tools like disaster mastery, an open API, and development tracking tailored to IT projects or software development projects.

Luckily, as ASANA has integration with JIRA, switching to JIRA from ASANA is much easier than you might think. Unfortunately, JIRA does not come with a free trial version.

best Asana alternatives is surely one of the best alternatives to Asana. With this tool, managers can not only create projects but also delegate tasks to their teammates, set milestones and deadlines, keep track of employee workload as well and check employee progress.

When compared to Asana, it has better collaboration features with logically structured discussions and more advanced scheduling tools. will not disappoint you with its wide array of integrations, unlimited storage, diverse reporting features, and highly efficient search system.


best Asana alternatives

LiquidPlanner can get you covered if your team’s schedules are often changing. You can automatically make changes in the timeline if the priority of a task changes.

If you are in doubt about its efficacy, companies like Cisco, Thermo, and Daimler use this tool to plan and execute their work while managing projects.

This is a fantastic tool for scheduling and collaboration. LiquidPlanner has integration with popular platforms like Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Salesforce, Zapier, API, and Email integration.

Interestingly, this tool also comes with mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Wrapping Up

If you consider the usability and pricing then the WP Project Manager can give any project management software a run for the money.

If you have a WordPress website, then you can surely go for the WP Project Manager. However, we are not saying it to be the best project management software. But considering its price range, it should be the finest project management tool out there.

If you are already using one of these project management tools, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Great article! Useful and well-structured information about project management tools. thank you for sharing such a piece of great information.

  2. Any suggestions for dev teams? We are a none-profit organization for web development. And the tools we have been tried are and

    • You can try out our cost-effective & comprehensive Project Management solution, WP Project Manager.

      With this solid project management tool, you can take care of all your project & team collaboration activities with absolute ease.
      So give it a try. We are sure, you will find it handy enough even for your non-profit organization.


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