Learn How You Can Manage Your Company Documents With WP ERP Document Manager!

Learn How You Can Manage Your Company Documents With WP ERP Document Manager!

According to a research by EMC, the size of digital collection was 4.4 zettabytes in 2013.

By the end of this decade, it will increase to around 44 zettabytes.

With the size of these digital contents, new sources and file formats are piling up too.

This rapid increase of contents have added to the complexities of an organization.

But thankfully, document management solutions are there to solve these issues. There are certain things that you should look for before selecting one for your company. Let us talk about it first.

Must-have Things for a Document Management Solution

a. It should let you upload or import contents from maximum number of sources. This is the foremost requirement for a document manager.

b. If it can not be integrated with any Enterprise Resource Planner or LOB applications, then it is of no use in your company. Therefore, you must pick a solution that offers integration with other ERP and third party software.

c. It should offer flexibility of use for your organization. If it cannot be aligned with your business operation, you should look for customized solution.

d. It must have a feature to filter or assort the files according to format, source, date and other criterion.

e. Data is the greatest asset of any organization. So the solution must be able to ensure data safety and security.

Enough about the requirements. This list can go on and on. Today I am going to write about this Document Manager that is brought to you by WP ERP. It is an inexpensive user friendly extension that helps you manage all your company documents from one place. You can perform these tasks easily with Document Manager-

  1. Upload any type of files to your server.
  2. Create different directories
  3. Supports all sorts of file extension
  4. Cap file sizes to facilitate sharing
  5. Set user role for each files or folders

How To Make Best Use of Document Manager

You can use WP ERP’s document manager from two different user roles-

(a) As an admin
(b) As an employee

In the following section, I will discuss how you can serve your purpose using Document Manager.

Use Cases for Admin

To start using Document Manager as an admin, follow these steps:

Go to wp-admin → HR management → Documents

Admins can view all the files uploaded and folders created by the employees. They have the option to restrict the access of a certain file or directory.

You can create multiple folders / sub-folders in the files manager. The function is similar to Google Drive. The navigation bar works just like that of Windows or Mac OS which will let you browse different locations.

Use Cases for Admin Using WPERP

Use Case for Employees

If you are using Document Manager as an employee, you have to go through the following steps:

Go to wp-admin → HR Management → Employee →  Documents tab.

You can do the same tasks which has been described before. Files uploaded by the employee will have default ownership to the user.

Use Case for Employees Using WPERP

The admins can move folder to any location they wish. But the employees will need access to the location. The relocation process is smooth and hassle free.

HR Management Using WPERP

Summarizing the Article

Document management solution has become an integral part of an organization’s ERP or LOB apps. It paces up your business operation and facilitates knowledge sharing among the employees. We present you Document Manager for this purpose which is powered by WP ERP. WP ERP is an awesome FREE ERP solution offering host of features and extensions for the users. So check out document manager to see what convenience it offers to you!

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