5 Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Blog & Make Money Online

5 Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Blog & Make Money Online

Launching a blog is always an arduous task due to the maintenance of tight strategies and the urge to the continuation of publishing. It’s like taking a venture and being sincere and determined up until being successful.

But no one does anything without the craving for any wherewithal, isn’t it? Yes, I am talking about monetizing your blog. There a number of tactics you can go for to monetize your blogging sites.

But, it isn’t actually quite that simple. Throughout the way, you may feel frustrated as there is a high chance of being unsuccessful. So, how you can actually monetize your blog? Well, this article will answer that question.

How to Monetize a Blog?

You will arguably find a plethora of different ways of monetizing a Blog from below:

1. By Google AdSense: Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements

People also term Pay Per Click (PPC) as Cost Per Click (CPC). It is the simplest method to monetize a blog. Here, you post some ads on your blog, and the advertisers will pay you if a person clicks on the ads.

Working Procedure

People often advertise their service by using a PPC company. PPC companies show these ads on various websites and blogs. The advertisers will only get the payment if someone clicks on the ads. Some of the PPC-oriented companies even monetize your blog for the number of people visiting the blogs which contain ads.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular PPC companies. Just think of the huge money Google earns through it so that it can survive by this

For being able to place ads on your website, you have to first apply for it. Many people here face a problem. That is gaining acceptance from google.

For solving this problem, you should follow the steps below:

1)   You need to test the reviews of Ad Network before you apply for them.

2)   Before you go for applying there, you need to ensure that your blog has got enough legit content or not. Once Google has approved your AdSense, you will need to put the code of the ad on your website.

3)   If you find difficulties in understanding the codes, this task can be awful for you.

4)   Since you are on a WordPress blog, you can implement plugins such as Ad Inserter for placing ads.

5)   If you use the Premium WordPress themes, you can easily place ads from the customizer.

2. By Google AdSense for Search: Custom Search Engines

how to monetize a blog - google adsense

You may have a blog filled with a lot of information where people use the standard search form to find necessary content from the WordPress Blogs. Just implement Google’s Custom Search Engine (CSE) for monetizing your blog.

Every time a person tends to find anything through CSE, he/she will be able to see some ads which come alongside the search results. Through this process, you will be able to earn money.

How to build Google’s Custom Search Engines and make money?

1)   Firstly, you need to go to the official website of Google’s CSE.

2)   Then, you have to log in to your Google Account.

3)   In the next step, you need to type the URL of your WordPress blog, which you want your user to be able to search. After that, type “*.yourwebsite.com” if you want your readers to search the whole domain.

4)   After doing that, you have to select the language for the search. Write the name for the search engine by clicking on “Create”.

5)   Then you have to press on “Get Code”. Firstly, please copy the code and then paste it on your website. You can also implement the WordPress plugins to enter the code for easing your task.

6)   After doing that, go to the “Edit search engine” menu and click on the search engine you want to monetize.

7)   Then you should go to the “Make Money” tab and switch on the Search Engine Monetization tab.

3. By using Sponsored Posts

how to monetize a wordpress blog - sponsorship

This is possibly the best way of advertising as per user experience.

You often write articles about some services or products which relate to your niche and the companies pay you a decent amount of money. 

Companies will approach you for some sponsored posts if you are already a well-known public figure. But, if you are starting, you need to make a proper plan and then approach the companies who are providing good proposals.

Some of the companies may even ask you to compose and post a particular number of articles per month. Or, they even can ask you to place a customized ad on your blog.

The advantage of this type of monetization procedure is that you will be able to ask for your rates. You can also earn by posting a sponsored post on your social media accounts and pages as well. But never try to write biased posts because it may ruin your credibility.

Always try to write legit information about the companies and avoid overstating anything.

4. By the Affiliate Links

affiliate marketing - how to monetize a blog

This way of monetization is more popular by the term “Affiliate Marketing” or Amazon Associates.

Usually, affiliate marketing is a procedure where you advertise other products in your WordPress blog, and you get a commission when your visitor purchases the product. Several companies offer these affiliate programs. Some of the most famous ones are Amazon, Commission Junction, and ClickBank.

You don’t need to write a separate blog for getting the benefit of affiliate marketing. You will always be able to find products that relate to your preferred niche.

Suppose you want to choose this particular procedure for monetizing your WordPress blog. In that case, you will want to know more about the latest information and a complete tutorial on the method of making money here.

Let us now see some crucial things about affiliate marketing.

The Most Important Things Which You Should Remember In Affiliate Marketing

1)   Affiliate Programs have got some firm rules and conditions. So, you should study them cautiously. This will help you to get rid of getting banned.

2)   You should always state to your users that you are implementing the affiliate links. You can also construct a different disclaimer page by saying that you implement the affiliate links on your website.

Some countries have required law for this. In addition to this, Google might also detach your website from search results if you do not use the disclosure feature properly.

3) You should use the Affiliate links only where they are appropriate.

5. By using your products

Isn’t it amazing that you can earn money online by selling your products? But for doing this, you must first develop yourself as an authority in the niche. 

Then you should think of using this method for monetizing your blog. Moreover, don’t try this if you’re a beginner. This applies to the people who are famous offline.

By creating a product such as eBooks, photographs, and others, you can advertise and sell them from your website. If you are a popular figure, you can also earn by the services such as counseling, chairing in conferences, and many others.

You can also create an online-business based website with a perfect shopping experience for selling the products. Generally, you will be implementing your blog as an advertising platform to sell the products.


Today, many people are preferring to do blogging rather than confining themselves within offices. However, the majority of them are writing WordPress blogs but finding it difficult to monetize them. 

But, it’s a must to know today how to monetize a WordPress Blog, and we hope you have got to learn about this from our content. Moreover, the most important thing you need here is patience. And before applying any of these techniques, please make sure that you have decent traffic within your blog.

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