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How to Send SMS Notification to Your Employees & Contacts

How to Send SMS Notification to Your Employees & Contacts

The better a business can manage the relationship with its employees and customers the more successful it will become. Establishing a better relationship requires better communication. Among many communication channels, SMS is one of the most popular ones till date. Even in the age of the Internet, some people still prefer SMS on their smartphones!

For small and medium companies, communicating with either employees or customers is very important.

An Easier Way of Notifying Employees & Potential Customers

Now SMS Notification is going to make the communication easier than ever in WP ERP! You can send SMS to your customers/contacts directly from your ERP system using famous SMS gateways. This great extension even works with HR module!

Features of SMS Notification

WP ERP is the best WordPress ERP solution for small businesses. It provides a complete suite of HRM, CRM and Accounting for FREE. You can even power up your ERP solution with useful extensions. SMS notification extension support famous SMS gateways to send notification of your ERP system to your employees and also customers. Here are some notable features of SMS notification extension of WP ERP.

  • Send SMS notifications to your CRM contacts
  • Send SMS notifications and announcements to your employees from HRM as well
  • Keep your customers up to date

Supported gateways

  1. Twilio
  2. Nexmo
  3. Hoiio
  4. Intellisms
  5. Infobip
  6. Clickatell
  7. SMSGlobal

Why is SMS better than other communication mediums?

Way to get quick response

As we know 90% of text messages are read within 10 to 15 minutes. It’s because on an average people use to look at their phones 150 times a day and this is quite impossible to miss an SMS.

Assurance of reach out

Though email is a great way to communicate, sometimes it may fail to reach out all. By texting instead, it’s quite sure that your customers/employees will be notified about the important information.

Mobile friendly

SMS communication is mobile friendly. As SMS is compatible with pretty much every mobile phone so you won’t need to worry about alienating some users or getting your customers/employees on board with brand new technologies. People can easily get notified even if they are in bed!


Receiving and sending SMS is the simplest work in the communication medium. As people are used to it, it seems easier to them.

People really love texting

People really love to communicate with SMS rather than phone calls or emails as they don’t even need to be online for this! Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, WP ERP has brought SMS notification system in CRM and HRM modules. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to reach people everywhere in the quickest amount of time, nothing beats SMS.

Send SMS Notifications to Your Employees & Contacts

Let’s show you how easily you can communicate with your customers/contacts through SMS in WP ERP:


Install WP ERP like any other WordPress plugin. Download SMS Notification extension from My Account page.

Navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → ERP Settings → Settings → SMS

Select the SMS gateway you want to use from the drop-down menu.

Send SMS Notifications to Your Employees & Contacts

There are multiple fields on this page which will allow you to connect WP ERP with proper API and credentials from the SMS service provider. Use the data from the provider the fill out the form and hit save.

Integrate Twilio with WPERP

Uses in CRM

You can send SMS directly to customers, leads or opportunity to notify them. The mobile number field in the contact profile is used as the recipient.

Navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → CRM → Contacts

→ Click on any Contact (visit profile)

→ Go to SMS Tab

→ Compose your SMS and press send.

→ If the operation was successful, you will see the message added to the activity log below.

How to Send Message Using WPERP

Uses in HR Management

An option on the announcement page will be added which will allow the HR manager to send SMS notifications besides email notifications when that announcement is published.

Navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard → HR Management → Announcement

→ Press the button “Add Announcement

→ Scroll down to “Announcement Settings” → Enable the checkbox.

→ Type in the message in the text box titled SMS Body.

hrm sms notification

As you can see, it’s very simple and easy to send SMS notification to your customers from CRM module. You can also do the same for your employees from HR Management. All you need to do is to configure your SMS gateway properly and start sending SMS right away. So, why wait? Give this solution a try!

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