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WP ERP optimises your small to large enterprise with powerful HRM, CRM & Accounting – Unlock more with 20+ extensions & Project Management module.

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Open Source

The Core plugin and HR, CR modules are absolutely free to use, free to customize and you can add enhancements depending on your ideas and needs.

Feature Filled Modules

Modules are designed to take your business to the next level. If you have a small business, this is ideal for keeping your budget tight but yet get professional results.

Support and Docs

We have made a detailed documentation of our features and operation. We provide 5 days support, webinars and training to your staff if necessary.

HRM Icon V1Empower your workforce with HRM


Individual profiles and work logs for each employee allow you to manage their payrolls, emphasis workload, promotion and leave – everything can be monitored and managed online with absolute clarity.

Evolving Database 24x24
Evolving Database

Profiles of your employees across branches allows you to access and update their post, responsibilities, leads. Store company and employee documents let you call reference when there is a need.

Keep Keen Eye 24x24
Keep a Keen Eye

Track / Import employee attendances and manage their leaves. Make important announcements when you need everyone to is heard.

Get Organized in a Flip 24x24

Get Organized in a Flip

Use Overviews to get everything you need at once. The event log and Calendar helps you to check the holidays, who is on leave and what tasks are close to the deadline.

CRM IconEvery Customer is Important in CRM


We make it the simplest! Not only you get happy customers, create loyal and a potential fan base with your hospitality.

Take it Step by Step
Take it Step by Step

Handle customers and company representatives maintaining different stages. From a fresh lead to a regular buying customer, manage contents and support essentials for everyone.

Take it Step by Step 24x24
Prepare for Follow Ups

Schedule your meetings and keep notes, hints on all communications for a better service with email alerts. With the individual logging, check your progress and assess how your compliance team is performing. Transfer customers to higher personnel when necessary and create customer groups for more focused assistance.

Build Relationships with Companies 24x24
Build Relationships with Companies

With company profiles, manage multiple representatives of a company to follow up without any hindrance.

Accounting Icon V1Get Balanced with Accounting


Take total control of your company’s finances in real time with the Accounting module. You can generate live and detailed reports and make transactions, generate invoices and pay employees.

Speedy Stats
Speedy Stats

Get a quick surface idea of your company finances with the Dashboard. It updates real-time and covers everything you need. Great for checking time to time.

Make Payments Easy
Make Payments Easy

Customers, vendors or suppliers – create invoices, make and take payments from your every client and see the data react with your finances instantly. All your transactions are easy to read, logged and secure with our solution.

Many Reports

Many Reports

In every section, there are reports for everything. Reports help you to present your numbers better and absorb the information more easily.

PM IconIntegrated Project Management System


No need to use expensive solutions like Basecamp or any other task and project management system. We got you covered with everything that you might need.

Take it Step by Step
Birds Eye View with Calendar

See your project overview with due, completed and future to-do's. See which milestones needs to be completed and who is responsible for each. With the drag-n-drop feature, change the due date.

Take it Step by Step 24x24
Privacy in Everything

Set message, to-do list, to-do and milestones as private if you don't want them to see by certain user levels.

Build Relationships with Companies 24x24
Totally synced with ERP

WP Project Manager was first released in 2012 and it is already being used in 3600+ site right now. We have built integration with this ERP solution to let you manage things better.

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