Are you still tracking employee leaves with a spreadsheet and Post-it notes?
Manage the leaves digitally & save hours each day so you can focus on strategic
work and making a difference.

Allocating Leaves

Allocate leaves according to employee designation,
department. Once granted, the leaves will be
automatically allocated to the selected employees
based on the Leave Policy.

Easily Apply For
Leave Requests

You can manage and follow the requests for leaves
easily. You just have to enter the year, select the
employee name, start and end date, and reason for
leave and set the leave request. The necessary
documents can also be attached.

Half-day Leave

Employees can apply for a half-day leave
request by selecting the leave type & reason
for taking leave. The advanced leave
management system provides the solution to
track the half-day leaves.

Sandwich Rule

Create a leave policy with Sandwich's rule. You can
apply the sandwich rule after considering the start
day and end day of the general leaves with this
advanced leave management feature.

Leave carry

Set up carry forward rules for the leave types.
Expiring duration of the carry forward leaves as
well as the limits of the maximum number of
leaves to carry forward can be configured within
a few clicks.


You can use leave encashment to define monetary
compensation for a number of unused leaves of your
employees. An upper limit can be set to the
maximum number of leaves that can be encashed.

Unpaid Leaves

Select whether the leave is paid or unpaid and
calculate the number of paid leaves without any
hassle for your employees.


Say no to manually sorting out leaves for your newly
joined employees. Allocate leaves according to new
employee’s joining month more efficiently & digitally
using the advanced leave management solution.

Leave Accrual

Set advance rules for leave accrual at a granular
level. You can allocate some definite number of
leaves per annual quota. Set leaves that are to be
accrued (earned) in a month of an employee as
per your leave policy and limit the number of
"Accrued leave” if you want.

leave approval

Assign multiple managers to approve leave requests
for their team members. Admin can define the
number of seniors who will approve the leaves of
any employee in a multilevel leave approval policy.

Advanced filtering &
live search on leave

Now you can easily find & filter leave requests
with specific requirements. You can filter
leaves based on name, year, leave status, and

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