Restart your company hiring structure with the Complete Resume Manager & Recruiting system for WordPress!

It’s an Automated Online Recruitment Solution

Build questionnaire sets online with multiple methods of response without any extra cost. Results are automatically added to a candidate’s profile. Get saved from a lot of unnecessary paperwork, physically arranging exams & disorganisation.

No external engine or job vacancy website required

Publish your job posts directly on your site. Create separate custom forms as required. Forego having to pay third parties for your vacancies. Improve visibility of your company.

Sort & organize submissions

Directly upload CVs. Store all uploaded files nicely categorized by each job post. Print attached CV files. Use customizable biography forms to manually add candidates.


Track the workflow from A-Z and change candidate status for each recruitment according to the hiring stage they are in. Assign to-dos to any employee.

Assign status & ratings

Systematically label & categorize each candidate with status and ratings. Statuses include shortlisted, hired, rejected.

Select from more statuses & schedule interviews

Assign interviewer, put on hold, check references, not a fit, decline offer, not qualified, overqualified, and archive.

Activities with candidates

Create interview schedules, assign staffs, recruitment lead and interviewers to candidates. When a candidate completes a stage, you can move them to the next one and also change their status.


The comprehensive report system shows you all essential details about your job openings and candidates at a glance. Get a bird’s-eye view of everything you need of your in-progress and completed job posts. Choose to view individually and download as CSV.


Experience The Real Thing

Make it yours and revamp your business right away. Get started today and see the difference yourself.