Manage employee expenses & complete payments in an easy and effective way.
Account the expenses made by employees easily.

Let Your Employees Easily Create Their Reimbursements

With this extension your employees can create their own reimbursements with the necessary details and submit it to the administration at any given time.

Employee Can See Their Payment Status In Real Time

From the frontend HR management dashboard your employees will be able to see, filter, and search all their reimbursement details and their current state.

All The Convenience For The Administration Authority

The administrative authority doesn’t need to rely on manual method for reimbursements. They can simply see all the reimbursements from their employees in the backend dashboard.

Configure Payment Options To Your Liking

Select the exact receipt, from which account the payment will be made, the payment day, tax amount, and much more from the Payment section of Reimbursement.

Complete Overview Dashboard Of Payments

With the extension dashboard you will get an overview of all the Reimbursement numbers with advanced numbers with charts. Making everything easier to understand.


Experience The Real Thing

Make it yours and revamp your business right away. Get started today and see the difference yourself.