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Matthew Wragg

Hi Mehedi

Apologies for the late reply, I’ve been busy.

Its great that you’re thinking of putting together a Zapier integration. I think that the WP suit of products are great and certainly enable a business owner like myself to put together a robust platform to assist my business.

Out of the Box WPERP CRM, HR and Finance are exactly that. Three utilities that will help you with Customers, Employees and Your Finances. But a true ERP system needs to be flexible to encompass that and much much more.
If you take my business for example, we use the CRM element to manage part of our client product, it is in no way in that form a true CRM, but instead a database manager for people in other businesses.
For me to add flexibility, scalability and automation, I would like both the CRM and HR elements to talk, with the respective addons to then also play an integral part of my bespoke solution that we then sell to our clients.

I think your question although potentially complicated, is simply one that could be easily address by allowing webhooks into and out of the data in both the CRM and HR component. I can’t speak for the Finance element as I do not use this. But for me WPERP would be seriously powerful if HR and CRM could talk and then with CRM fields, allow it to drive other data to and from the CRM management module.

On a smaller note, I think the ability to add other Life Stage classifications would be great!
I’ve tried to play with the database with this, but I think it is a .PHP element.

Thanks Matt

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