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    CRM is a great tool to see built in to a site/platform that would be behind many a company's website, however CRM without the ability to interact with other systems (ecomm sites, accounting, inventory, fulfillment, mailout system) is hamstrung.

    While it would be crazy to try writing integrations with all the major players, simply adding integration with Zapier or IFTTT for general data sync, should allow such integrations, shouldn't it?
    (e.g. WP-ERP -> Zapier/IFTTT -> other Woocommerce/Magento/MYOB/QBO/Unleashed/Mailchimp/etc)

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    Any thoughts or prospect of this happening from the developers?


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    Matthew Wragg


    Yes I agree.
    While ERP has the ability to add a workflow with the workflow addon, Zapier is far more flexible and inter software capable.
    Is Zapier a future addon idea?

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    Mehedi Hasan

    Hello All,

    At this moment, WPERP doesn't have integration with the Zapier at this moment. However, I have noted it on our feature request log, we may consider adding this in the future if we get a similar request a few more.

    Thanks for your understanding 🙂


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    Matthew Wragg

    This would be a game changer for WPERP I would think.
    It's been requested many times over and I would certainly pay for the integration.
    It would help me build a rudamentary application by using WPERP.


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