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Hi Mehedi. If that’s the conversation you had with your team, then unfortunately I think you’ve misunderstood the original request entirely. The button was not intended to bring the user to the backend, it was meant to take the user back to the home site. At the time of the original request, once a user navigated off the main site to go into the HR Frontend, there was no easy way to navigate back to the main user-facing set of pages (I’m not talking about the wp-admin backend here). A button with a customizable destination URL would solve that problem.
For context, our site was used for multiple purposes. Company staff would log in to the main page, where they would see an intranet-style dashboard. Here they could find company info, wiki, communications from other staff, and also the HR Frontend. If they clicked into the HR Frontend, once they were done what they needed to do, there is (was) no easy way to get back to the main home page dashboard from within the HR Frontend.
I hope that’s clearer. Like I mentioned before, we don’t use our site, or this plugin, anymore, so my investment in seeing this added beyond these comments is nil. But if other users are still commenting on this 1.5-year-old thread it means there’s still a need here.

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