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      I have a WP ERP section in my WP User edit page with five checkboxes, but checking and/or unchecking then saving the profile does nothing at all on save. The page just refreshes with the checkboxes as determined by the Employees Permission tab selections. Why have checkboxes on this page if they can’t be used to edit roles? If you don’t intend to allow edits here, they should NOT be form fields.

      Editing on the Employees Permission tab works.

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      Having/providing ERP permission on a user profile is a working function, tends to provide extra capabilities to the user/employee.

      Do your site or server usage cache? Sometimes hard cache can cause this type of problem. In that case, kindly try after flushing the cache.


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      My cache plugin has never caused issues with setting user roles before.

      Regardless I just turned off the cache plugin and attempted to change WP ERP user roles from the User Profile page, but it still won’t update.

      Have you tried this on a new install? I am on latest WP 5.6.1 and only just installed WP ERP and WP ERP Pro. Can you replicate this error?

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      This bug appears to have been causing by a conflict with the Members plugin. I have deactivated it and changing roles on the User Edie page is working again.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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